Employee Management App Development

Project Summary

Instant online communication software becomes a must-to-have application for the organization of all sizes to better interact with their employees and improve productivity.

To automate employee task monitoring activities, one of the leading staff augmentation service companies has approached us for the development of a best-in-class mobile software solution.


Business Challenges

Employee monitoring application development project is another best successful and featured software on Android and iPhone app stores. As per the client’s requirements, the application should allow the workforce across teams to easily communicate and share their views and improve overall productivity.

Further, the application should also enable audio and video calling features where the management or leads can instantly discuss with the team and improve work efficiency.

After analyzing all other basic requirements, our team of app development team selected an agile app development methodology and started creating the application’s elements for the admin and users’ panel.

Required Platforms


Native Android


Native iPhone

Project Team

Our Solution

Our team of app developers created a solution that is now offering seamless user experiences and gained popularity within a short time.

We have enabled the application with an individual or group calling feature, quick screen sharing facility, call or session recording feature, internal chat, polling, and file sharing facility.

Our professional app developers with hands-on proven experience in the design and development of online audio or video conferencing software, have also integrated the application with multi-hosting and multi-device supporting functionalities. It allows employees to accept the meeting invitation and join the meeting either using mobile or web OS.

Further, we have also added a call imitation feature. It allows hosts to send an immediate meeting invitation to another employee while a call is ongoing. It is one of the best features of the video conferencing solution that we developed for our client.

Moreover, the client requested multi-user support. It means the application should deliver 4K resolution and support hundreds of participants in a single meeting. And, we took it as a challenge and successfully developed a robust video conferencing or employee management application within scheduled timelines.

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Benefits Delivered

  • one

    Better engage employees

  • two


    Improves communication

  • three number


    Creates an organized structure for corporate meetings

  • four


    Automates monitoring and management activities

  • five


    Streamlines management-to-employee interactions