How Much Does It Cost To Develop An Online Shopping and Delivery App Like InstaShop?

Cost To Develop An Online Shopping and Delivery App Like InstaShop

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An Online Shopping and Delivery App Like InstaShop?

How To Make An Instant Shopping & Delivery App Like InstaShop?

Instant shopping and delivery apps made online purchases of a wide range of products, including household, personal, and kitchen essentials easier and more convenient. People do need not to travel long to buy groceries, pharmacies, fresh flowers, food items & desserts, stationery products, cosmetics, perfumes, etc. Instant online shopping and delivery apps like InstaShop will bring everything to the fingertips of users.

InstaShop is one of the Top Online Shopping and Delivery Apps in The Middle East, incorporated in 2015. InstaShop Android app/iOS app offers nearly 100,000 products across various categories at store prices. Users can order products from their favorite nearby supermarkets, pharmacies, restaurants, and bakeries and get instant delivery within 30 minutes.

Its user-friendly features and instant deliveries have made it a popular grocery delivery app in the UAE. Wide Product Varieties from top brands, Instant Online Deliveries, location tracking facilities, and discounts on products are its core features that are playing a vital role in its successful journey in the Middle East.

Today, InstaShop is well-recognized by millions of users across the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Egypt, Lebanon & Greece.

Do you want to create an online grocery shopping app like InstaShop and grab the opportunities of the on-demand grocery delivery app market in the UAE or Saudi?

If yes, then our article will give you a detailed guide on features, technology stack, and development cost of InstaShop-like leading Instant Shopping and delivery app.     

Cost To Develop An App Like InstaShop

Must-Have Features and Functionalities In Online Grocery Delivery App Like InstaShop 

InstaShop is the most downloaded mobile app for grocery delivery in the UAE. Its simple design and set of easy-to-access features are the core reasons behind its success. Being a leading custom grocery app development company, our top mobile app developers in UAE, with their proven experience, have compiled a list of the top features that offer hassle-free online shopping experiences to users.

Let’s take a look at the best features of online grocery delivery apps for Android and iOS.

Must-have Features In InstaShop Clone App For Customer Panel 

  • Easy sign-up and login
  • Hassle-free Social media login
  • Location Tracking feature for delivering user’s location and offering quick delivery services
  • Search option with product or shop name
  • Customized filters to make the search easier and faster
  • Add To Cart for listing the products
  • Wish list
  • Secure Checkout
  • Multiple Payment Modes for user convenience
  • Real-time order tracking facility
  • My Orders to check previous and scheduled orders
  • User Profile to view, edit/modify profile details, account details, address details, language settings, etc.
  • Pickup or Door Delivery suppleness
  • Alerts on arrivals and push notifications
  • Ratings & Review facility for reporting the application performance and dropping their feedback on app experiences 

Must-Add Features of On-demand Delivery Apps like InstaShop For Store Owners 

  • Restaurant/Pharmacy/Supermarkets register and login facility
  • Product listings
  • Add/delete out of the stock products
  • Order accept or reject flexibility
  • Payment tracking
  • Orders history and Payments status checking
  • Read Ratings and Customer Feedback

Top Features Of Grocery Delivery Apps For Rider Panel Development 

  • Registration and login
  • Orders View and Accept/reject delivery requests
  • In-app map integration for tracking delivery locations
  • Delivery status updates features
  • In-app calling or chat facility for getting user assistance in reaching the delivery address
  • Rider Profile Management
  • Link bank account feature to get delivery charges directly to the accounts from restaurants and tips given by the customers


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Must-Add Features To Develop Admin Panel For InstaShop-like Top Grocery Delivery App UAE 

  • Users Management
  • Supermarkets/Restaurants Management
  • Orders management
  • Rider Management
  • Content management
  • Reviews and ratings management
  • Exclusive discounts management
  • Returns and refund management
  • Personalized push notifications to Users
  • Payment tracking for ensuring secure transactions
  • Customer support and in-app assistance

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    Tips To Remember For Building A Results-driven Online Grocery Delivery App Like InstaShop?

    If you plan to invest in online grocery delivery apps, marketplace apps, E-commerce apps, food delivery apps, or online pharmacy ordering apps, app developers must consider a few things for creating a top-notch application that improves user experiences and generate sales.

    • Attractive and Simple User Interfaces (UIs)

    The design of the marketplace application plays an essential role in increasing or decreasing app downloads and conversions as well. Since marketplace or e-commerce apps will comprise various products, the app interface must be clean and catchy with better organizing every feature at the fingertips of users. Hence, the application’s front end should not be messy and assist your app users in accessing the features smoothly.

    • Reliable In-App User Assistance

    It is where you can improve the app as well as your brand’s reliability. To provide this facility, you must integrate Artificial Intelligence features into your novel grocery delivery app. AI-powered in-app customer assistant features will provide instant responses to customer issues and trigger auto notifications about deals, discounts, price drop alerts, etc.

    • Personalized Notifications For Clutch Sales

    Using the capabilities of Ai and Machine Learning-based pattern recognition techniques, app developers can derive patterns into buyer preferences and interests. Hence, companies can trigger personalized product purchase recommendations to individuals and optimize sales.

    • Order Now or Schedule For Later

    Adding this feature to your new online grocery delivery application will allow app users an instant delivery service or schedule their deliveries as per their preferences. This type of feature in on-demand delivery apps will increase the weightage of your application and deliver customer-friendly services.

    • Add Crazy Functionalities

    Re-order is one of the craziest features that you can add to your Android/iOS grocery delivery application. Features like Re-order will save the users’ time in again choosing the restaurant and products.

    • Language Settings

    App localization is the most important factor that you must remember. Let your application support users in their native language. It will increase app localization and customer loyalty.

    • Voice-based Search Is Added Plus Benefit

    Grocery apps or marketplace apps with voice-based search features will grab the user’s attention. Such apps make users search faster and display the content they are looking for.

    These are a few tips to make your application more unique and keep it out of the clone app world.


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    The Tech Stack You Need For Developing InstaShop-Like An On-Demand Grocery Delivery App

    Being one of the top custom mobile app developers, InstaShop-like trending and most popular online grocery delivery clone application development need the below tech stack.

    • Programming Languages: Java and Kotlin for Android app development & Swift and Objective C for iOS app development
    • Database: MongoDB, MySQL
    • Storage: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud
    • In-app Payment Integrations: PayPal, Stripe
    • Location Tracking: Google Maps, Maps SDK for iOS
    • Push Notifications: Twilio
    • Frontend development: React and AngularJS
    • Backend Development: NodeJS


    How Much Does It Cost To Develop An Online Grocery Delivery Platform like InstaShop? 

    The cost of an on-demand grocery delivery app development will cost from $35,000 to $150,000 and above.

    But, the final cost of a grocery delivery app like InstaShop will depend on the hourly rate of mobile app development companies, application development process, technology stack, app type, development platform, and design complexity, etc. The grocery delivery app development cost will be greatly impacted by these factors. 

    If you are looking to hire the best online grocery delivery app development company USA, USM is your perfect partner. We build budget-friendly Android/iOS e-commerce and marketplace apps.

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      Key Monetization Strategies of On-demand Grocery Delivery Apps Like InstaShop

      We have discussed grocery delivery app features, the technology stack for on-demand grocery app development, and also the cost to create the InstaShop clone app. Now, let’s discuss for a few seconds the best ways to monetize grocery apps like InstaShop. 

      1. In-app Advertisements 

      It is one of the proven, evergreen, and best mobile app monetization strategies that let app owners generate revenues beyond app services. Let e-commerce or other brands post their ads on your application wall and collect fees for their brand promotion through your app.

      1. Commissions from Supermarkets or Stores

      The most traditional way to generate revenues beyond actual sales. Not only app developers and customers will benefit from online services, but suppliers and retailers will also gain huge benefits. Listing services or products on InstaShop-like mobile apps, stores can expand brand reach and gain more customers. So, app owners can take commissions from stores, supermarkets, or restaurants for listing their products in your grocery app.

      1. Delivery Commissions From Customers

      App owners can charge money from customers for convenient delivery services. Based on the proximity of the store to the customer’s location, the app owners can take delivery charges.         


      Online Grocery Delivery Market Growth In UAE, Middle East

      Let’s take a look at stats that tell you how online grocery delivery apps in UAE and other Middle Eastern countries are witnessing massive growth in the recent past.

      Online grocery delivery demand and users switching to grocery shopping apps in the country has been witnessing tremendous growth in the past few years. The year 2021 is a landmark year for online businesses in the region. Due to COVID vibes in the country, grocery retailers have witnessed a basket full of online and offline sales.

      According to Statista, the revenues from Online Grocery Delivery Apps will reach US$526.60 million by the end of 2022 and are anticipated to reach US$1,897.00 million by 2027. Since the future of online grocery delivery apps in the UAE is hopeful, it is the right time to introduce your new online grocery shopping and delivery app like InstaShop.


      Why Is USM The Best Company For Grocery App Development? 

      USM Business System is a #1 mobile app development company in the UAE. We have almost two decades of proven industry experience in the design, development, and deployment of on-demand grocery delivery apps like InstaShop.

      Our expert custom mobile app developers in the Middle East have created bespoke app solutions for enterprises across various industries. Being the best App Development Company in UAE, we use next-generation technologies and build solutions that derive great value for your business. Our team of grocery app developers will do deep market research and develops a unique instant grocery delivery app with best-in-class features.

      Let’s discuss your app requirements and build a dream project together!

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