How Much Does It Cost To Create A Blockchain App?

How Much Does It Cost To Create A Blockchain Apps

How Much Does It Cost To Create A Blockchain App?

Blockchain is an emerging technology and is used for developing the most secured and transparent, and high-speed mobile apps. Many banking, finance, and insurance companies are attracted to it for offering the most secured online banking services to their customers.

Here are a few reasons behind the popularity of Blockchain App Development Services the are keeping this technology on top of the list of the best technologies for mobile app development.

Advantages Of Blockchain App Development

  1. High-Level Security

Blockchain is the best security solution for mobile app development. Blockchain-enabled banking or investment apps act like firewalls to user transactions and other confidential banking data. They protect data access or illegal transactions, or currency exchange functions in a smart, intelligent, and secure way.

  1. Transparent Platform

Blockchain app development makes entire banking process transparent and creates a healthy relation between users and service providers.

Being maintaining a centralized distributed ledger, Blockchain-based Android apps or iOS apps will send instant privacy alerts to the users after completion of every action. Besides, Blockchain-powered investment apps also inform the users about the best investment options or currency exchanges at the best rate of interest.

  1. Easy Data Access

Here is another significant benefit of Blockchain App Development. Users can access their accounts and data at any time from anywhere through cloud-based Blockchain apps. So, banks or insurance companies are investing in Blockchain Development and giving great flexibility to their customers for improving brand visibility across global markets.


  1. High-Speed Service Delivery         

Blockchain apps for iOS or Android are also assisting businesses in processing transactions faster and easier. They are also increasingly used for speeding up the process of loan lending and EMI calculating in an automated way. Such an automated and secured process will save users’ time and keep the brand name on top of this digital world.

  1. Reduces Operational Costs

It is one of the best advantages of Blockchain development for businesses. Companies can invest once in highly-secured Blockchain solutions and grab profits. Since Blockchain technology is a decentralized solution, users do not need to pay any extra third-party payments to external parties.

For instance, Blockchain-powered investment apps allow users to buy or sell stocks or ETFs, or options at a zero-percent commission rate.

  1. Fraud Prevention

Blockchain-enabled mobile apps can seamlessly detect fraudulent acts and prevent illegal access to users’ data.

These benefits of implementing a Blockchain solution will let you know how Blockchain development transforms the way you deliver services to your customers.

But, if you are looking ahead to blockchain development, you must remember the below points to create your app within budget.

Blockchain Applications

Which Factors Will Impact On Blockchain App Development Cost?

Blockchain app development is quite costly and time-taking, but it is worth. The cost of blockchain apps varies based on various factors that might be:

  • App size
  • App type (native, hybrid, or cross-platform)
  • Application complexity level
  • Team size
  • App platform (Android, iPhone/iOS, or Web)

The cost of a blockchain app development project will depend on all these factors. For instance, if you hire a small-to-midsize mobile app development company, the mobile app cost will range from $20,000-$70,000. The multinational mobile app developers will charge you around $60,000 to $200,000+.

As part of the price, hiring an expert blockchain app development company is far better than availing blockchain app development services from a new development agency. Blockchain-like decentralized mobile apps development needs vast proven experience to make your application powerful, secure, and efficient.

Accordingly, the cost of Android app development using Blockchain technology will vary from the iOS mobile app development cost.

On top of all, the market has a high demand for both cryptocurrency and non-cryptocurrency-based applications. E-wallets and online investment apps come under cryptocurrency apps, whereas banking and logistics apps come under the non-crypto currency segment. Development of either type of mobile app is beneficial and profitable, but the cost factor varies.

Along with basic app features, UI/UX design complexity, and all the above factors, technology stack and third-party API integration will also matter a lot for estimating the final price of blockchain app development.

If you are planning to create an app with high-level and advanced Artificial Intelligence-based Chatbot features and multi-currency exchange facilities, then the development costs will go beyond your expectations. So, the blockchain app development cost will depend on the app’s features, functionalities, and technology stack.

These are a few most significant factors that impact the blockchain application development cost.

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Which Blockchain App Development Process Ensures The Best Results For Businesses?

Being the best mobile app development company, we suggest companies follow and implement a clean end-to-end app development process. It will give you great control over the app development process.

  • Step-1: Gather app requirements, objectives, and vision from clients
  • Step-2: Blockchain app development needs deep market research to make the application unique and powerful
  • Step-3: While building a blockchain application, mobile app development companies should choose the right platform to give it a big success
  • Step-4: Blend AI features in your blockchain-based mobile app
  • Step-5: Confirm what features will keep your blockchain-based app stand out of the box.
  • Step-6: Design and finalize front-end UX/UI designs and always go for the best, simple, and user-friendly design
  • Step-7: Develop application modules
  • Step-8: A thorough application testing will let you fix operational and performance bugs and keep your app clean.
  • Step-9: As per your target audience demand, upgrade the app features too often for offering high-level performance.



Blockchain app development and AI development are profitable decisions in 2022. Online investment apps, trading apps, and currency exchange apps have already deployed Blockchain capabilities and delivering the most reliable services. With instant and secure money transactions, anytime account accessibility, transparency, and personalization, Blockchain apps are the best.

If you are planning to invest in Blockchain apps and are all set to hire the best blockchain app development company, it would be a great decision in 2022. It is the right time for banking, investment, and finance companies to reach a broad range of audience base.

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USM Business Systems is one of the best blockchain app development companies. We have an expert full-stack app development team who are crazy about adopting the latest mobile app technologies. Our team is well capable to create best-in-class native apps on Android and iPhone platforms.

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