How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Zocdoc?

Cost To Develop An App Like Zocdoc

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Zocdoc?

Online appointment booking apps have already occupied the majority of space in this digital healthcare industry. Either for booking in-person appointments or telemedicine appointments (online video consultations), people are unlocking respective eHealthcare apps like Zocdoc or Practo and scheduling their appointments faster and easier. Such online processes will reduce the wait times of patients and on the other hand, it will improve the care services too.

The mHealth apps have been augmenting the mobilization level in the healthcare industry. With a bunch of user-friendly and easy-to-understand features and functionalities, healthcare apps are ensuring dazzling performance. Let’s look at a few stats on the future of doctor appointment booking applications.

The Global Users and Revenues Structure of Online Doctor Appointment Booking Apps 

The development of healthcare mobile apps or doctor appointment booking apps will lift your healthcare business. According to the recently updated market reports of Statista, approximately 102 million Android and iOS users have installed online doctor consultation apps.

Driven by greater convenience, short wait times, and faster appointment scheduling facilities, the number of users is anticipated to increase by 25% over 2022 to 128.05 million in the next coming five years. Such huge demand for online doctor appointment booking apps will generate a profitable value for service providers. Here is the picture that reflects the market growth of online doctor appointment apps.

Revenues Structure of Online Doctor Appointment Booking Apps

The revenues from digital healthcare apps are expected to witness a continuous increase over the next coming years. Hence, you can strongly believe that the future of online doctor appointment apps like Zocdoc will be flourishing. Online appointment booking app development would be a revolutionary step to gain from market opportunities.

If you are looking ahead for eHealth app development for Android, iOS, or web platforms, this article will help in many ways. This article will guide you through the features, functionalities, and benefits of Zocdoc-like popular on-demand doctor booking apps. Accordingly, you can get an accurate cost estimation of Zocdoc clone app development. 

What Is Zocdoc?

Zocdoc is a New York-based on-demand online doctor appointment booking app. It is a popular mobile app in the USA for booking in-person or video consultation appointments in simple steps. A doctor appointment app like Zocdoc allows people to find nearby doctors across various specialties.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Zocdoc

Zocdoc, the top online doctor booking app in the USA, gives greater flexibility to patients to choose highly specialized and top-rated physicians who treat their illnesses better.

With Zocdoc, users can find and book an experienced Primary Care Doctor, Obstetrician-Gynecologist, Dentist, Dermatologist, ENT specialist, Psychiatrist, and Orthopedic Surgeons located in New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, Baltimore, Washington DC, Seattle, Atlanta, Denver, Philadelphia, Houston, Dallas, Austin, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, Miami, Los Angeles, and San Diego.

On top of all other friendly features, Zocdoc-like the best online doctor appointment booking app is gaining popularity for its insurance checker functionality. Users can easily scan their insurance cards and find a network of doctors who accepts insurance plans for providing better care services.

This trending online physician booking app is available for free on the Google Play store for Android users and the Apple app store for iPhone users. The app has generated 1,000,000+ downloads from the Android app store and million downloads from the iOS app store.

Key Features To Add In Online Doctor Appointment Booking App Like Zocdoc

The doctor appointment app needs to be added with a few best and crunchy features to ensure easy accessibility and high market penetration. If you are looking forward to Zocdoc clone app development, you shouldn’t ignore adding the features that we listed here.

Take a look at the best features and functionalities of Zocdoc Android/iOS online doctor appointment app that improve user experiences and give a big success to your clone app.

Best Features of USA’s Popular Doctor Appointment Booking Apps like Zocdoc:

  • User’s login or sign up
  • User profile and Doctor profile management feature
  • Customizable search bar for allowing users to enter symptoms or popular specialties to get the desired treatment
  • In-app calendar view for easily triggering appointment dates
  • Confirm and Book appointment feature
  • Insurance checker, where a list of insurance service providers needs to be displayed for permitting users to choose as per their preferences
  • Telemedicine or in-person visit facility
  • Geo-location tracking feature to provide nearby and local doctors list
  • Appointment reminders feature
  • In-app payments feature with flexible multi-mode payment options (Debit card, credit card, UPI payments, online or net banking, e-wallet payments, etc.).
  • In-app chat and calling facility to immediately interact with the other person
  • Real-time video consultations streamline patient-to-doctor interactions
  • In-app map integrations for finding the locations of clinics
  • The review and ratings feature will help patients or app users to analyze the service quality of a doctor
  • Push notifications for sending appointments and payments confirmation and other updates

These are primary features that you must integrate while developing a doctor appointment booking app like Zocdoc.

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Now, let’s take a look at a few advanced features that adds value to the Zocdoc clone app.

  • In-app chatbot integration: Adding an AI-powered chatbot in a healthcare app or medical app will enhance user experiences and improves service quality. Patients can submit their issues with the app or service quality and get instant responses in seconds. It will take the user support services to new heights.
  • Connect With Wearable IoT Device: It will synchronize the data stored in your app to your wearable device. So, greater accessibility and control over your medical information or the recent activities that you performed through the app will be monitored all the time.
  • In-built Symptom Checker: The development of doctor appointment booking apps for Android and iOS using AI, ML, and deep leering techniques will enrich its performance and offer unique medical services to people. Integration of symptom tracking and monitoring feature in the online physician appointment scheduling application will assist patients in identifying disease severity and booking appointments with physicians.
  • Telemedicine facility: It supports remote diagnosis services. It allows patients to choose telemedicine services and get treatment right from their homes. This feature will play a vital role in delivering remote care services.
  • Cloud Solutions: A doctor appointment booking app development with cloud-connecting functionalities will optimize the telemedicine services offered through the application. While providing offering greater security to the user’s medical data, this feature will enable doctors to access patients’ health records from anywhere and deliver better care services.  

Integration of all the above features will assist in the development of an impactful doctor appointment booking app like Zocdoc.

Which Technology Stack Is Good For Doctor Appointment Apps Development?

Whether it is a doctor appointment mobile app development or online pharmacy delivery app or fitness & well-being app, or any other mobile application development, the technology stack plays a major in making the app robust and successful. On the other side, the technology stack is also one of the top factors that influence the cost of developing a doctor appointment booking app.

Here is the best technology stack for Zocdoc-like Doctor Appointment App Development:

  • For Android app development: Java and Kotlin
  • For iPhone or iOS app development: Objective-C and Swift
  • For Location tracking: Google maps APIs
  • For online payments: BrainTree and PayPal
  • For cloud storage: AWS and Azure
  • Communication APIs for in-app messaging or calling

USM is one of the best doctor appointment booking mobile app development companies in the USA and India. With a team of full-stack app developers, we design and develop state-of-the-art and fully user-specific healthcare apps for Android and iOS platforms.

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    The Cost Of Build A Doctor Appointment Booking App like Zocdoc   

    The cost of doctor booking mobile application development like Zocdoc or Practo will range from $30,000 to $60,000.

    But, the average cost to develop Zocdoc like an online video consultation booking app depends on many factors, such as application platform, app type, UI design, features, technology stack, post-launch maintenance services, and mobile app development company’s location and experience, etc.

    On top of all, adding Artificial Intelligence and machine learning features will take the cost of doctor appointment booking apps to nearly $100,000 and above. Hire A Top Doctor Appointment App Development Company and let your project develop on time within a reasonable budget.   

    Final Words

    How Much Does It Cost to Build an App Like ZocDoc? It’s a big question that you might have if you are looking to develop a doctor appointment booking app like Zocdoc or Practo. We hope that we have here curated the best information regarding the features and cost to develop Zocdoc-like mobile applications.

    Let us know your healthcare app requirements. Being a top mobile app development company in the USA, we are the best app development partner to create futuristic native or hybrid healthcare apps with the features that your business needs.

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