10 Best Artificial Intelligence Powered Healthcare Mobile Apps

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10 Best Artificial Intelligence-Powered Healthcare Mobile Apps

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is the old proverb.

Now, “Install a healthcare app today and meet the doctor in an online way” is a modern proverb in this digital era.

Yes. As technology is stretching its arms broadly, digital services play a vital role in every aspect of a business. In particular, mobile technology enabling healthcare service providers and patients to be in connection virtually 24/7 and contributing its part in ensuring better care results.

Healthcare mobile apps or e-Health apps give patients faster access to physicians. Patients can book an appointment and connect to healthcare experts online. Innovative mobile applications also allow patients to track their symptoms, refill alerts, and book lab tests if needed.

Moreover, Telemedicine is the symbol for innovations in technology and is gaining momentum. Telemedicine apps allow healthcare providers to assess, diagnose, and treat patients online and eliminate the need for an in-person visit. On top of all benefits, it makes remote patient monitoring possible and hassle-free.

Overall, mobile healthcare applications enhance virtual coordination and communication among healthcare service providers and people who need their assistance.

Herein, we have listed out a few best Artificial Intelligence (AI) based mobile applications (AI apps in healthcare) that have high demand in the market. If you have plans of developing AI-based e-health applications, this article would help you can create a clone of anyone from the given list and hit the app stores.

Here are the 10 best Artificial Intelligence-powered mHealth apps in 2022.

  1. Sense.ly

Sense.ly is a virtual nursing assistant in real-time. This AI-powered healthcare app ensures a bundle of benefits to patients such as-

  • Tracks symptoms and connects with nurses, if needed.
  • Asks questions about blood pressure, heartbeat, sugar levels, weight, and many more.
  • Quickly schedules call or clinical appointments.

The best thing about this Ai-app is that it can verbally communicate with the patients to collect all necessary information related to patients’ health. The application stores the medical records using embedded AI technology that matches the previous medical history and sends them to the physicians for feedback.

  1. WebMD

WebMD is one of the best AI-powered symptoms checker mobile app uses AI and Machine learning capabilities to accurately track symptoms and provide physician-reviewed feedback on demand.

WebMD AI healthcare app features-

  • Symptom checker to choose symptoms from the given list
  • It helps patients find the nearby physicians
  • Improves treatments and diagnoses
  • WebMD Rx- to get the prescribed drugs at the best prices
  • Set and get medication intake reminders with pill images and dosage.
  1. Youper

Youper mobile healthcare app used artificial intelligence to provide chatbot services to the users. An AI chatbot well interacts with patients to know their health conditions. Based on the answers given by the users, the app assesses their mental health and suggests therapies that reduce anxiety and depression.

The app also facilitates patients to connect with healthcare specialists through its video calling feature and discuss their mental health to get the best treatment.

On top of all, users can get their prescribed medications right away at their doorstep.

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    1. ADA Health App

    ADA is the most popular symptom assessment app with a 4.8/5 on Android and 4.8/5 on iOS rating. By combining the AI Technology capability with the knowledge of real-time healthcare professionals, the app help patients or users in managing their health.

    This free-to-downloadable healthcare app asks pre-programmed questions to patients to track their symptoms and assess health conditions. Based on input, this AI-powered medical app prepares a personalized health report and suggests doctor consultation if any abnormalities in the responses.

    This application is best for tracking skin conditions such as rashes, acne, insect bites, women’s health and pregnancy, children’s health, sleeping problems, and eye infections.

    1. Binah.ai

    Using the capabilities of AI technology, Binah.ai, a top video-based monitoring solutions provider, has developed an app with a vision to extend digital healthcare services and provide increased access to telemedicine services.

    Binah.ai’s app is one of the best artificial intelligence mobile healthcare apps to detect and monitor heart rate and other vital signs. This advanced AI application uses deep learning, computer vision, and signal processing techniques to analyze the person’s face and give valuable insights into their heart rate, respiration rate, oxygen saturation levels, and mental stress.

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    1. SkinVision App

    SkinVision is an Artificial Intelligence-based mHealth app used for assessing the risk of skin cancer in adults. It detects signs of skin cancer and provides instant recommendations.

    The best feature of this app is its Risk Profile. It facilitates the users to take a risk profile assessment or upload a photo of skin rashes or spots to evaluate the type of skin cancer. The app sends a validated report in seconds and also advises to consult skincare experts if required.

    Further, the SkinVision healthcare app for Android and iOS automatically sets reminders for the users to repeat the risk profile assessment. On the other side, image recognition experts keep track of profiles and notify the users to visit the nearest clinic if any risk is spotted.

    1. MDacne

    Mdacne uses AI technology to analyze and give accurate scoring of acne severity, skin sensitivity, and acne persistence. The app also provides users a customized acne treatment based on the skin analysis report.

    Users can regularly monitor their skin 24/7 and get insights into their skin. The app is also best useful for connecting with expert dermatologists to get instant consultations online in minutes.

    This user-friendly software set treatment reminders and get dermatologically-tested cleanser, anti-acne treatment cream, and hydrating moisturizers on demand.

    1. Happify

    With an innovative approach, Happify has occupied a space in the list of the top AI-based healthcare apps in our article. This tech-based mobile application allows the users to reduce their mental stress levels by participating in in-app science-based activities and games with Anna, a digital AI instructor.

    This AI assistant well engages the users on games and provides needed instructions to control their emotions. Thus, this AI app helps in reducing anxiety levels, boosting self-confidence, and eradicating all negative thoughts that are dragging them back in life.

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      1. Babylon Health

      Babylon is a leading AI-based virtual digital healthcare services provider. With user-friendly app design, check symptoms, and book appointment features, Babylon is one of the brilliant healthcare apps in 2022.

      Further, it allows the users to book a video consultation and access a range of specialists 24/7.

      This AI app is also the best to track and check for novel COVID-19 symptoms and get instant advice and reports on their health status.

      1. K Health

      It is a Newyork-based leading AI doctor app that provides more personalized health information to the users. Its Ai-powered symptoms checker tool takes input into the user’s health conditions and diagnoses health issues like a doctor in real-time.

      Empowering with AI technology, the app can analyze the user responses with millions of pre-stored health records with similar issues in seconds. Later, this AI-powered symptom checker gives personalized health advice that improves health conditions.

      The app also facilitates the users to text certified doctors and get prescribed immediately.

      Will AI Technology Take The App Development Market To A New Height?

      100% yes.

      Revolutionizing AI technology has brought and will bring a great impact on the mobile app development industry. To deliver smart, automated, and accurate digital healthcare services, the healthcare sector is eyeing AI. They are integrating AI capabilities in their apps to make apps more engaging and assist the users just like a doctor in real-time does.

      From tracking symptoms, diagnosing diseases, and providing treatment suggestions, AI healthcare apps can provide end-to-end services to users.

      So, healthcare apps that use AI technologies could help patients manage their health conditions and prevent in-person visits to clinics. On the other hand, AI-based mHealth apps also facilitate physicians to provide better care services and save more lives.

      Moreover, AI applications also benefit hospitals in automating admin tasks and pharmaceutical companies in drug research and development activities. Overall, AI in healthcare ensures a bright future for enterprises.

      We, being the leading AI app development company, suggest healthcare service providers upgrade their existing healthcare applications with AI technology. Together with a team of AI experts, USM can seamlessly integrate AI into your apps.

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      Wrapping Up

      As discussed above, due to the smartness in delivering digital healthcare services and user-specific features and functionalities, AI-powered mobile apps, virtual nursing assistants, chatbot applications, symptoms tracking apps are in momentum.

      Unlike 2020, the integration of AI technology in healthcare apps is expecting to increase in 2022 and will be anticipated to generate a trillion business value during the year.

      Hence, AI will revolutionize the mobile app development industry, and your investments in AI apps will ensure a profitable future ahead.

      Let discuss your AI healthcare project, and USM brings it in real-time.

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