Our FinTech App Got Listed On Forbes Artifact- Top 15 Fintech Apps In The Middle East


Our FinTech App Got Listed On Forbes Artifact- Top 15 Fintech Apps In The Middle East

USM Business Systems is proud to announce that our FinTech app developed for Al Ansari Exchange Company (a popular foreign currency exchange and remittance company in the UAE) was listed on Forbes- the global largest business media brand.

Driven by the app flexibility, performance, responsiveness, number of downloads, active users, and transactions that it processed, our multi-currency exchange and remittance app is crowned with “Second Largest FinTech Mobile App in the UAE” title in the article 15 Top Fintech Apps In The Middle East published by Forbes on August 31, 2021.

Al Ansari Exchange has laid the foundation towards addressing a valuable and hassle-free digital solution to meet the foreign exchange and remittance needs of people in the UAE region.

The company approached us (USM Business Systems- a leading mobile app developer) to transform their project ideas into a features-rich FinTech mobile application.

USM signed on a new app development contract with Al Ansari Exchange in 2016. Our team of skilled app developers and creative designers have worked on Al Ansari Exchange FinTech app development for android and iOS platforms.

Together with the team efforts, USM successfully developed and delivered a flawless money remittance application to Al Ansari Exchange in 2018.

Since then, the enhanced version is creating a buzz in the UAE’s digital FinTech Industry. Driven by the secured money exchange and transfer features, the app has acquired 4.7 out of 5 ratings and millions of user base in a short time, and now, it continues to dominate Apple Store, Google Play Store, and Huawei’s app store.

al ansari exchange 

About AL Ansari Exchange Mobile App

Al Ansari Exchange Mobile app is primarily designed to ensure simple, fast, and hassle-free payments and online money remittance services to the users using debit cards, credit cards, and PayPlus cards to pay bills.

On top of the core features, the app is added with lots of utility features such as a currency calculator, value transfer or instant transfer, exchange rate notification, navigation, and real-time maps for locating banks are a few of advanced features.

These convenient and user-centric features are increasing the count of active users and the success rate of this mobile Fintech app year over year. As of August 2021, the app has 941,000 downloads and 850,000 active users in the country.

Features that are built-in AL Ansari Exchange app are as follows

  • Easy-to-use user interface
  • Crystal clear dashboard with service offerings list
  • Easy to check transactions and beneficiaries
  • Instant money sending services
  • Multiple currency support
  • Add and select beneficiaries to transfer money instantly
  • Value transfer feature to remit currency at the best rates
  • QuickSend features to remit money to the recipients in seconds
  • Flexibility to pay credit dues using multiple payment options
  • Offers the best currency exchange rates on each transaction
  • The fingerprint authentication process for easy login
  • End to end encryption for data security
  • Set reminders on bill payments
  • Push notifications on money transfers and payments
  • Real-time exchange data
  • Rate alerts- Sends alerts on the best change rates
  • Get rewards

About USM Business Systems

USM Business Systems is one of the leading mobile app development companies in the USA and India. We are experts in building bespoke apps for retail, healthcare, banking & finance, insurance, e-commerce, education, travel and tourism, marketing and sales, and many more industries.

Our expertise in creating flawless mobile applications like Al Ansari Money Exchange App, BYJU’s, and BigBasket on android, iOS, and Windows platforms, made us a versatile mobile app developer in the industry.

Further, our commitment towards integrity and transparency in maintaining relationships with clients made us a reliable and trustworthy Android and iOS developer in the USA, India, UAE, and other markets. 

“The USM team of professional app developers and designers lets business apps talk with your targeted audience.”

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