How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Messaging App Like Slack?

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Messaging App Like Slack

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Messaging App Like Slack?

A Guide To Slack-like Instant Chat or Messaging App Development

Online messaging is playing a key role in instant communication. For personal purposes or business communications, online chat apps are offering outstanding services in delivering messages faster and more efficiently.

Moreover, besides personal chatting, constant and uninterrupted collaboration and communication between an enterprise and employees will ensure the best business outcomes. Sharing confidential files in an encrypted manner and discussing project works with other teammates all through handy smartphones will excite and ensures excellent progress. Of course, getting and viewing project details and other business conversations on the go assist in staying on top of the current status of work development.

Slack is one of the popular business messaging apps that allows individuals and business professionals to communicate and share their views at any time from anywhere.

Today, in this article, we would like to give you a detailed guide on the development cost of creating a trending messaging app like Slack. We will also walk through a few interesting sessions like why slack is so popular and the benefits of slack clone app development in this ever-growing business world.

If you are looking to invest in a Slack-like similar messaging App for Android or iOS, this article would help you in analyzing the estimated cost factor and know the features that made Slack so popular.

Let’s get started with a brief definition of the Slack App. 



What is Slack Application and The Benefit of a Messaging App like Slack?

Slack is one of the tops and most popular business communication apps. It is developed by Slack Technologies Inc based in San Francisco, California. Since it was acquired by Salesforce in 2020, it is operating as a sibling company to salesforce.

This USA’s popular online business chat app is available on desktop, Android, and iPhone for free, paid, and pro versions. Currently, it is estimated that the app has approximately 20 million Android and iOS app downloads. Driven by its efficiency and smooth performance, the application reported 800,000 iOS app downloads and 500,000 Android app downloads just in September 2022.

As of 2022, the app is being used by nearly 156K small, mid-sized, and multinational organizations located in over 100 countries worldwide.

Would you like to so why the Slack App is reporting such a massive number of downloads?

Here are the reasons behind the increasing use of Slack-like Android/iOS messaging apps.


Why Is A Chat App Like Slack So Popular?

Features like instant messaging, safe document sharing, quick interactions with groups, and in-app audio or video calling facilities are all making Slack popular among other online messaging applications.

One of the significant advantages of instant messaging apps like Slack is customizing integrations. Yes, the amazing features of Slack-like popular messaging apps for Android and iOS is that it allows users to integrate Google Drive, Salesforce, Shopify, Dropbox, and Twitter like file storage, CRM, social media, and various apps under diverse categories into the application. Hence, the users of Slack can work together with their existing tools and services simultaneously and streamline their work processes.

Further, Customized search option, archine a channel or group, and create and setting auto-reminders of a particular task, customizable push notifications and setting priority to the groups, and editing or deleting files are all other top features and functionalities of Slack-like trending business communication apps. All these features are making Slack so popular in the online messaging app industry.

These are a few reasons behind the popularity of the USA’s leading messaging app like Slack. 

Guide To Slack-like Instant Chat

Are you interested in Slack Clone App Development? 

Then, you must go deep into the set of features and functionalities of the Slack mobile app. Let’s go ahead into the must-have features of Slack clone app development- the most popular iOS chat app in the USA. 


List of Must-Have Features in an Instant Chat App like Slack

  • Simple registration form: Allows users to sign up using their social media accounts and mobile numbers
  • Let users create a Profile that facilitates users to view their profile information, edit/delete photo, view saved items or channels lists, notifications, set their availability status, etc.
  • Audio or voice call feature adds value to the messaging application and improves user experiences
  • Create Chat rooms or channels feature to allow business professionals to create groups with different teams and make conversations smarter
  • The instant private messaging feature for direct conversation with one of the group members
  • Custom search functionality which offers personalized search experiences to the users
  • Mentions and Reactions allows users to mention a person in the chatroom and send messages
  • Give the flexibility to customize integrations of other apps across various categories. It is one of the features that made Slack a famous and business-friendly chat app in the USA.
  • Starred feature in Slack allows users to prioritize a conversation or texts for viewing them easily whenever they need
  • The Set Reminders feature is one of the top benefits of an online messaging app like Slack. It allows users to set reminders about projects and tasks and stay on top of project progress or any other activities
  • The push notifications feature is one of the best features of chat apps. It allows users to get notified about high-priority business communications.
  • In-app emojis will aid users to respond virtually to a conversation or message
  • Add a few unique location-sharing and file sharing features. Let your messaging app let it support instant file sharing of photos, videos, PPTs, and contacts etc.

These are a few top and must to add features in an Android/iOS chat app like Slack clone app development.

Now, let’s take a look at the cost of a mobile messaging app like Slack. 


How Much Does It Cost For Slack-like Instant messaging App Development? 

The cost to develop a business messaging application like Slack depends on the design and the technologies and tools used for the front-end and back-end module development. Being one of the top mobile app development companies in India and the USA, we estimate the cost of Slack clone app development will be around $35,000-$60,000.

However, as discussed, based on features, integrations, technologies, and platforms, the cost factor of mobile app development will vary. So, being top app developers, we recommend companies that before building an app, make sure of its features list, development processes, and API integrations. You should also focus on the experience of a custom mobile app development company that you hire.

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    Don’t panic about the cost of slack-like similar app development. You can generate rapid returns on your app development investments. Here are a few techniques that help you draw extra revenues from your application.


    How Can You Make Money From Slack-like Messaging App?

    1. Paid Promotions: In-app advertising is the best approach for generating extra revenues from Slack-like instant messaging applications (Android/iOS). App developers can charge companies who want to promote their service ads on your online messaging platform.
    2. Subscription Models: Slack application offers free and paid-subscription models. You can charge an amount from users who want to use pro-features
    3. Charge From App Stores: As the number of downloads increases, you can generate money from app stores per download.


    Wrapping Up! 

    A custom mobile app development or a mobile software development needs to invest a huge time and budget. But, Slack-like software development makes sense for your online approaches. USM has assisted many clients across various industries in mobile app development. We believe that a single features-rich application will help businesses stay on top of digital trends and derive good value from their brand’s services.

    If you have a Slack-like online messaging app development idea, USM is the right partner where your idea will be transformed into an engaging and results-driven business asset.

    Let’s hire a #top mobile app development company in the USA! Get In Touch!


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