How Much Does It Cost to Develop a FinTech App?

how-much-does-it-cost-to-develop finance apps

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a FinTech App?

Financial App Development Cost:

We all need to have money management skills in making our budget and never fall into debt. These days everyone prefers authentic and easy online transactions. It is a good way of making payments but failing us to track the financial status. Here, the finance apps come into the picture to monitor your spending and savings.

In this digital era, everything is done online through intelligent apps, and the financial sector is not exceptional. You can track every transaction when the app links to your bank account. Moreover, with a high-security level and privacy, mobile financial apps encrypt your data and transaction history.

In this article, we give you a detailed guide on top financial apps features and benefits. Also, we let you know how much will it cost to develop a financial app in 2021.

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    What are Financial Apps?

    The financial apps will help in managing savings accounts and tracking debits, deposits, and credit scores at anytime from anywhere. Financial apps bring all your financial information into one platform and organize your finances efficiently.

    USM is one of the best mobile app development companies in the USA. We develop results-driven financial apps. The apps that we build provide the seamless performance and ensure high security to customer’s confidential data.

    5 Best Financial and Banking Apps in the USA 2021

    Here is the list of the best finance apps available for Android and iOS platforms.

    1) Robinhood

    Robinhood app offers commission-free trades of stocks and gives a better understanding of financial markets. Users can also buy and sell cryptocurrency at no commission rate.

    The mobile app is introduced in 2015 by Robinhood Markets, an American financial services company headquartered in California.


    Benefits of USA’s top-ranked financial app like Robinhood App

    • Robinhood’s trading tools give investment solutions to both new and experienced traders.
    • Get your hold on bills, paychecks, and spends from the mobile application
    • It helps you invest in trusted and secured stocks.
    • You will also get an interest rate on the savings in the account.
    • You can trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dogecoin with the Robinhood crypt feature.
    • The mobile app will get your first stock to get you started.

    How much will it cost to develop a trending financial application like Robinhood?

    2) Wells Fargo Mobile

    Get all finance administration features with this best finance app, Wells Fargo Mobile application. The app is available for Android and iOS users in English and Spanish languages. Biometric access accounts, scanning deposit cheques, and track your investments.


    Advantages of popular banking application like Wells Fargo Mobile App

    • Review your transaction activities and balance your accounts.
    • Easy money transfer in an encrypted manner
    • Instantly pay your bills through the Bill Pay Feature of Wells Fargo
    • Quick funds transfer through mobile number or email address.
    • One of the best advantages of this banking app is it allows users to view processing credits in their accounts
    • Push notifications and transfer alerts help you update your account activities.
    • It facilitates users to view credit card transactions.
    • Easy to upgrade the card or block the card if you found any fraudulent acts.

    USM, a leading Android mobile apps developer, creates standalone clone apps on-demand. Our skilled mobile app developers develop flawless banking apps.

    3) CashApp

    CashApp is a mobile payment service that can give your complete financial picture. It is a famous finance app in the USA and the UK with 36 million active users. The application has zero commission trading of stocks and funds with easy sing up process.


    Benefits of on-demand investment apps like CashApp

    • Link the bank account and monitor your investments and savings.
    • Send or receive money instantly
    • App with TouchID or FaceID protects your payments and investments
    • CashApp offers a customizable visa debit card or cash card that helps you pay for online or in-store purchases right away.
    • You can buy, sell, or deposit Bitcoin instantly
    • Buy stocks in top US companies at zero-commission
    • Users can pay bills directly using Cash App wallet
    • The app offers exclusive discounts called Cash Boosts.

    USM, the best mobile apps development company, provides Android apps development, iOS apps development, and cross-platform apps development services for businesses across various industries.

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      4) Chime

      Chime is a leading banking app in the USA and is available in app stores for free. It will not charge any maintenance and transaction fees. With its two-way authentication feature, it has grabbed the hearts of over 5 million users worldwide. Moreover, its automatic savings feature helps users to an eye on savings.cost-to-develop-mobile-banking app chime


      Advantages of trending banking apps like Chime App

      • The app sends notifications and transaction alerts that ensure account security and privacy.
      • Chime banking application assists users in getting paycheck two days before than expected with direct deposit
      • Chime’s Credit Builder features let you pay bills on time and maintain a good credit score.
      • Send and receive money without any transaction fees.

      Talk to our experts to know how much it will cost to create a leading banking app like Chime.

      5) Capital One Mobile

      Capital One Mobile application is the top finance app for Android and iOS. Users can manage financial cards, bank accounts, and loan accounts from a single platform. This free-to-download app allows users to log in through fingerprint for optimized account privacy. The app also offers rewards and can redeem them when required.


      Benefits of the top finance apps like Capital One Mobile App

      • This finance application made cheque deposits hassle-free
      • Check the balance and credit score with a tap on the app with your thumb.
      • Users can effortlessly get credit or debit cards
      • The app helps you instantly block a credit card if you missed it and activate the new one when you need it.
      • The app notifies you regarding every transaction you made through it
      • With its Zelle feature, users can easily transact money in minutes securely
      • One of the outstanding features of the Capital One finance app is that it provides 24/7 customer services via a virtual assistant called Eno.
      • Get rewards and redeem them when you feel they are beneficial.

      USM business systems, one of the top mobile apps developers in the USA, create best-in-class banking apps. We create features-rich finance applications like Capital One Mobile.

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        Significant Features & Functions of Banking and Finance Apps

        The features added to the app make them unique over other applications. Herein, we have shortlisted a list of significant features that makes your banking or finance applications successful in the app stores. Here we go.

        Account Management: This feature helps users to manage their banking accounts efficiently. The app should play a pivotal role in verification, transfers, and day-end tally for the users.

        Notifications & Updates: The transaction alerts help users verify their transactions. Besides, the apps also remind the user about overspendings and investments. The banking apps should also send articles and data before users invest in stocks. Users can also check credit score, rewards, and bill dues and stay tuned with their accounts.

        Security: When it comes to money, security is an essential aspect in every step. Users will trust your finance app only when your app provides high-level security to their confidential data.

        Tracking: Real-time money tracking is the core feature of banking & financial app. The mobile app should provide continuous updates on transactions, credit balance, and other loan data. 

        Show Credit Score: Financial apps with Check Credit Score feature will hit the apps store and have higher downloads. Banks offer low-interest rate loans for people with a good credit score. The best banking or financial apps should facilitate user to check their credit score with simple clicks.

        Data Analytics: A clear representation of account information in charts, percentages, and infographics makes the data easily understandable. Users can have an idea about their withdrawals, investments, and savings with ease. This feature will also increase the app access rates and user retention rates.

        USM, the best finance apps developer in the USA and India, can build a banking app with unique features, as discussed. Let’s talk and launch your finance app before your rivals do!  


        Required Technology Stack for Finance Apps Development

        Once you have a features list, you should choose the right technology stack for the banking app development. Here is the list of code languages, technologies, software, and tools required to develop a finance mobile application.

        • Programming Languages: Java and Kotlin (for Android) and Objective-C & Swift (for iOS)
        • SDK: Android SDK, iOS SDK
        • Frameworks: React Native
        • Frontend Web App: HTML5, Node.JS
        • Storage: Android Cloud, Google Cloud

        USM, the top Artificial Intelligence driven mobile app development company in the USA and India, has a proven track record of successful mobile apps, including finance and banking apps.

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          How much does it cost to build a full-fledged finance app?

          The development cost of the finance app will be around $40,000 to $125,000. But, the cost to build a banking application depends on various factors, including features, platform, and app design.

          For instance:

          • The development cost of a finance app with basic features with simple UI for a single platform will be around $20,000-$40,000.
          • The cost to build the best-in-class banking app with advanced features will range from $40,000-$70,000.
          • The development cost to create feature-rich financial and banking apps for Android/iOS with complex UI will reach around $70,000-$125,000.

          Besides, the estimated cost of the finance app development will also depend on the development time, team size, and location of the mobile app developers you choose.

          Let’s see in detail.

          Design: The front-end design of the mobile application called user interface should be eye-catchy. It should navigate users to inner pages with simple clicks. Also, the UI with attractive icons and graphics will further add elegance to your app. The integration of appealing graphics might increase the development cost to some extent, but they help to increase app retention rates. 

          Features: Finance apps with basic features, including account creation, account data aggregation, credit utilization, and budget tracker, will cost around $25000-$35000. If you want to include advanced features like tracking credit score in real-time, EMI calculator, data analytics needs more budget than estimated.   

          Platform: App platform that you pick will also decide the overall development cost. Due to higher computability, the development of finance apps for Android is expensive than getting your app developed on iOS.

          Development Team Size: The development cost of trending banking app also depends on team size. If the mobile app development company you choose has no required resources, they need to hire and fill the skill gap in the team. The money the mobile app developers spent on resources will project in overall app development cost.

          So, choose the best financial app development company with vast industry experience and adequate resources to get your app developed within budget.

          Developers Location: The location of the app developers is another major factor that affects the cost of mobile app development. Compared to the app developers in the United States and other European nations, mobile app development in India is affordable even by startups.

          Being a leading mobile apps development company in USA, USM gives you the best price for your banking app development.

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            In this connected digital world, we can get everything under our fingertips. By sitting at the convenience of home, you can fulfill your banking and financial needs using intelligent mobile apps. Easy-to-use finance apps not only benefit users but also ensure profitable business to app owners.

            Are you looking for a top finance app development company? 

            USM is your best mobile app development partner. We build the trendiest Android apps and iOS apps within deadlines as promised.

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