Artificial Intelligence (AI) In Cybersecurity

Role of artificial intelligenc in cybersecurity with examples

Artificial Intelligence (AI) In Cybersecurity: Applications, Future, and Real Examples

AI In Cybersecurity

Cyberattacks are big threats to information systems, organizational infrastructure, and connecting networks. Since the processes and workflows have transformed into digital, Information Technology, banking and financial, healthcare and other industries are often susceptible to data thefts or cyberattacks. Identifying malicious viruses and protecting data assets is the primary task of companies in this virtual world.

Adoption and implementation of Artificial Intelligence in cybersecurity is the perfect solution to overcome the risks like data leaks and network security attacks.

How Is AI Used In Cybersecurity?

Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity is not a new topic, it has been used for many years. Cybersecurity is one of the most significant applications of AI. The role of AI in cybersecurity is to reduce data risks and refine the security levels of an organization.

In this digital age, AI-based cybersecurity solutions will help organizations and individuals stay ahead of malware attacks. AI solutions in cybersecurity will analyze enormous data sets, detect irregular patterns, and predict the possibility of data risks. Hence, leveraging the power of intelligent AI software solutions for cybersecurity, the companies can augment the security processes and blocks cyber activities.

The use of AI for cybersecurity, along with Machine Learning (ML), deep learning, and predictive analytics, will add value to your security processes as it determines the probability of attacks and prevents unauthorized access to information systems or networks.

One more interesting thing is that the entire bug detection and insights delivery will be done automatically without once interaction within fraction of minutes. It will drastically reduce response times and improve security levels across the processes.

Though AI technology can be used in many ways, here we have listed the best AI applications in cybersecurity.

5 Best Applications Of AI In Cybersecurity

  1. AI In Cybersecurity For Anomaly Detection

Using Artificial Intelligence in cybersecurity, organizations can automatically detect abnormalities, such as undefined network access, suspicious user behavior, multiple systems unlocking attempts, etc.

Leveraging ML and deep learning techniques, AI solutions in cybersecurity will assist organizations in automatically identifying vulnerabilities, analyzing user behaviors, and triggering alerts on malware attacks.

  1. AI For Cybersecurity Network Security

It is one of the popular AI Applications in Cybersecurity. AI-powered cybersecurity solutions will continuously monitor the company’s network infrastructure and block access if they are considered suspicious.

This is why the popularity of AI-powered threat detection and response applications has increased in the IT, FinTech, Banking, and Healthcare industries. They help companies stay safe from sudden network breakdowns and productivity.

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    1. AI for Cybersecurity For Spam Filtering

    AI-based cybersecurity applications will detect spam mail and prevent its reach to your mail inbox. Learning from previous experiences, Artificial Intelligence tools will recognize fraudulent emails and protects users’ accounts from malicious malware.

    1. AI In Cybersecurity For Defense

    Here is another significant benefit of using AI for cyber defense. A blend of AI, ML, deep learning, predictive analytics, and data analytics capabilities will ensure incredible performance in forecasting terrorist threats.

    AI-powered systems and self-configuring applications will find software bugs and execute an immediate response to vulnerable incidents automatically. This potential application of AI is gaining popularity in the Defense sector for safeguarding systems and applications from opponents.

    1. AI In Cybersecurity For File Protection

    Ransomware is risky software that blocks the user’s access to their systems or documents. AI technologies will play a key role in preventing illegal entry into your systems. Hence, AI decision intelligence tools track the patterns of users, predict frauds based on irregular behaviors of users, and protect personal systems from attacks.

    These are the top five AI use cases in cybersecurity. AI-based tools, applications, and systems can identify threats, prioritize, and solve complex security issues automatically.

    From small to mid-size companies to multinational organizations that serve across government and private must invest in AI technologies to secure their information assets from hackers and firewall their brand value in this virtual environment.


    How Will AI Impact Cybersecurity In The Future?

    Artificial Intelligence will transforms human lives. The impact of AI in cybersecurity will anticipated to grow with profitable results. AI solutions analyzes patterns and detects malicious hidden threats faster in seconds. Hence, the future of AI in cybersecurity will automate the time-consuming tasks and reduce the need of cybersecurity professionals.

    The analysts from one of the global largest technology conglomerates like IBM are estimating that a single data breach will leads to million dollar business loss for companies in the coming years.

    However, compared to 2021, the average cost of a data breach has reached to USD 4.35 million in 2022, up by 2.6% from the previous year. Hence, deployment of AI security tools is the best cost-mitigating approach for organizations to ensure security to their systems or assets.

    On the other side, Statista-like world’s most popular Database companies says that artificial intelligence (AI) will be widely used for protecting sensitive information systems against phishing attacks and ransomware attacks in the future. Such market trend will derive more value to the AI in cybersecurity and anticipated to generate USD 46.3 billion dollar business by 2027. Take a look at the market growth of AI in cybersecurity:

    market growth of AI in cybersecurity

    The above figure depicts the market growth of AI in cybersecurity. From USD 10 billion in 2020, the size of AI is forecasted to increase to nearly USD 46 billion by 2027.

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    It has been proved that AI tools are the greatest assets for cybersecurity. Data breaches, malware attacks, system or file crashes, network leaks, password hacking bots, everything can be prevented by integrating AI technologies into your systems. Hence, invest in AI development and protect before hackers damage systems and triggers security alerts.

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