Will AI & Big Data Are Really Two Major Parts Of The Digital Future?


If you are following our technology blogs, you might notice the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine learning (ML), deep learning, natural language processing, and Big Data. In particular, AI and Big data are the most trending topics. These two ground-breaking platforms are like major pillars behind the technology revolutions.
In this article, we explained what exactly AI and Big data technologies are and how together they play a vital part in the evolving digital future.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is an advanced technology. It allows machines to simulate the brainpower of humans. Using AI, computers can do every task like humans with more speed. For instance, AI-machines perform computational tasks. With the capabilities of deep learning and ML, AI-powered systems can learn from given data and draw patterns, and provide valuable insights into that data.
AI is broadly using in two ways. One is machine learning, and the other is deep learning. Machine learning allows machines to do repetitive tasks without human intervention. ML-enables systems can learn from given data and also applies this experience to future data sets to perform tasks accurately. Whereas, deep learning is a subset of ML. It can create neural networks to copy the human brain. Voice and images can be efficiently detected and processed using deep learning.

What is Big Data?

Big Data is used to store and process complex data sets that are collected from various sources. Intelligent machines can detect patterns from input data, understand trends, and predict future results. This foresight helps companies in making new plans that offer sustained growth of the business.

What Happens, If AI and Big Data Works Together?

The term AI is not at all new in the market. For decades, it was a buzzword across the world. Lack of ample data has hampered the growth of Artificial intelligence. But, now, things have been altered. Cloud, Internet, the Internet-Of-Things (IoT), and sensors are collecting vast data and feeding AI systems. The enormous quantity of data is available from these sources, including text, images, and audios.
For instance, when we will form over the internet or any web portal, where your data is stored? How it will be processed? Do you know what happens in the background? Do you aware of how your data is being used?
Just Think once about it. The data that is collected and recorded by systems is stored as a Big Data set. Using some intelligence, businesses can make decisions that drive their performance. In addition, enterprises can provide improved customer experience based on feedback stored in the background. Accordingly, Big Data and AI help enterprises in discovering risks to their products or services or brand. This assists a business in improving its operational efficiency.

Know Why Deep Learning Matters In This Digital World?

Will AI and Data make any change in processes?

Absolutely, Yes. Every business is updating with AI. Below, we explained a few instances. Continue reading!

#1 Online Marketing Business

Content is key for doing efficient digital marketing activities. Well-organized and curated content helps marketers to target the right audience quickly. AI helps marketers personalize and target customers through email campaigns. In addition, it also helps to predict the future using content marketing campaigns.
Once read The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Social Media Marketing. In this blog, we explained the benefits of AI in digital marketing. This may help you to know more about online marketing business with AI.

#2 Industrial Manufacturing

AI and ML benefits are incredible in the manufacturing industry. The manufacturing industry needs new ways in the design, development, and maintenance of equipment. Productivity and quality matter a lot to manufacturers. AI offers many benefits to manufacturing industries. They include:

  • Predictive Monitoring
  • Quality Control
  • Inventory & Logistic Management
  • Product Demand Prediction and etc.

In fact, robots are transforming the manufacturing industry like never before.

#3 Driving Innovations in Healthcare

Applications of AI in healthcare are enormous. The healthcare sector is seeing tremendous growth with Artificial intelligence. Moreover, using virtual assistants, the service providers are providing unbroken treatment to their patients who unable to visit hospitals or in remote locations.
Use cases of artificial intelligence in healthcare are many. Look at the top 5 Powerful Use Cases That Show the Significance of AI in Healthcare.
Our research also covered other industries. Know more what AI can do for businesses across various industries?

The State of AI in 2020

It can be difficult to measure with the future of AI that is discussed by technology companies and many brand promoters. The terms AI and ML still unexplained clearly. That’s the reason many of us are thinking about its drawbacks than benefits.
Training computers to self-learn from given data is a bright shortcut. Intelligent systems save time. Reduces costs spent on resources. Now, no matter where do we stand with AI in 2019. But, surely, in 2020, it will rule humanity.

Few of the key facts About Artificial Intelligence are-

  • By 2025, the global market of AI is expected to reach $60 billion from $1.4 billion in 2016
  • AI helps businesses to contribute their significant part to the global GDP. The GDP will grow to $15.7 trillion by 2030, thanks to AI.
  • Artificial Intelligence startups to raise almost 14 times than the last two decades
  • AI is going to increase business productivity by 40%
  • Investment in the AI will be tripled 2025 compared to 2019
  • Over 77% of the devices use AI.
  • According to Google, robots will mimic the multifaceted behavior of humans by 2020.

These are just a few of the trends of AI, according to leading tech organizations and government sources.
With the above statistics, it was proved that AI vibrations are like game-changers soon. No matter your business size, you should use the power of AI. For this, you must contact USM Business Systems. We transform your processes with Artificial Intelligence.
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