How to build an excellent voice assistant app like Siri?

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Now, Siri is a revolutionary smart app in the market. Siri, a built-in “intelligent assistant”, which provides a much faster & easier way to answer all your queries seamlessly.

Not only Siri, our homes, cars, and every place is occupied by artificial intelligence (AI)-powered voice assistants like Alexa, OK Google, and Cortana, etc. And, we can say that it’s a generation of voice assistants.

Because of the huge demand for Siri, now the question coming into the mind of everyone is how to make an app just like Siri?

In this blog, we are explaining everything that you should know while building a voice assistant app like Siri. Use the strategy and go for it.

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    #1 Introduction to Siri

    Initially, Siri was introduced by Siri Inc as an iOS app. Then, in April 2010, Apple acquired the organization. The properties of Siri were then incorporated within iOS dating to version 5 and introduced into other platforms of Apple-like tvOS, macOS, and watchOS. On October 14, 2011, it had seen as an important feature of the iPhone 4S.

    1.1 Why a personal assistant like Siri is so popular?

    • Simple: It makes things seamless. You can start the conversation by just pressing the home button even from the lock screen and give a command to Siri.
    • Fast: Voice communications are faster than touch. Here, you have to ask Siri and get the results.
    • Emotional add-on: A communicating with a personal assistant provides people the misconception of a personal connection.
    • Fascinating: For children, it is normally a technological advancement, but for the older generation, it is the next step to the future.

    1.2 Features of Siri, A Smart Virtual Assistant

    • Can call, send text, and email
    • On command, it can write as well as read messages for you.
    • Provide basic weather & currency information.
    • Set reminders and alarms
    • It can browse internet for news that you want, images that you like, and information that you require
    • Navigation tasks
    • Entertainment related to sports and movies
    • Involve with iOS-integrated apps.
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    #2 Technologies that used to develop mobile assistant like Siri

    • Speech-to-text
    • Text-to-Speech
    • Noise reduction
    • Voice biometrics
    • Voice recognition
    • Speech compression
    • User interface

    #3 How to make a voice assistant like Siri

    AI-powered mobile voice assistants can be designed by using any of the below three methods. In particular, to build an app like Siri, we can use three methods.

    • Junior method: This is an easy method. You can include voice assistant technology into the mobile app with some APIs (Application Program Interfaces) and AI app development tools.
    • Middle method: This method is a little bit tricky. By utilizing open-source services and APIs, you can develop a voice assistant.
    • Senior method: This method includes the complete development of a voice assistant from starting and integration into the mobile app.

    1 Junior method

    The development of a mobile AI app is tough, but the junior method makes it much easy. The junior method of app development is based upon the addition of important technologies from the top companies.

    How to integrate Siri into a mobile app?

    To incorporate Siri into your app, you’ll require Siri Kit of Apple. The SDK (software development kit) has two types of mobile app extensions including-

    • An Intents app extension: Manages all activities in your mobile app
    • An Intents UI app extension: Controls brand and custom content

    2 Middle method

    While making a voice assistant app, an external open-source solution is needed. Here are some of the tools that can help you while creating the AI-based voice assistant apps.

    • Melissa

    If you are a beginner in the development of voice assistant apps, then it is the perfect tool since it has several different parts that can be modified easily without any changes in the main algorithm. Melissa can take important notes, read the news, speaks, play music, uploads images, works on Windows, OSX, and Linux.

    • Jasper

    This tool is perfect for those individuals who want to create vital parts of artificial intelligence mobile apps without any external support. It runs on Raspberry Pi’s Model B. It can listen because of the active module and learn smartly because of the passive module.

    • Dialogflow

    This tool supports voice-to-text conversion technology, voice recognition to perform commands, and respond. It has both free as well as paid versions. The difference between these two is that the paid tool works on a private cloud. That’s why it is suitable for those individuals who have confidentiality on the priorities list.

    • tool is the same as Dialogflow. It needs two components:
    1) Requests of users (intents)
    2) Characteristics of the requests (entities)
    It has a good amount of intents. That’s why there is no need for building it. This tool is completely free for users.

    3 Senior method

    This method is suitable for those who are fully experienced in app development. If you utilize powerful and efficient computing resource services, the development of an independent voice assistant app becomes easier.

    #4 Pros and Cons of Voice Assistants

    4.1 Advantages of developing app like Siri

    This intelligent voice assistant acts like a best friend to iPhone users to assist their daily tasks. It can benefit the user in terms of:

    • Adjusting user calendar
    • Schedule appointments
    • Operates with iMessage and email
    • As it developed using speech-to-text, Siri can dictate your message
    • As it supports 21 languages, you can change language according to your preference
    • Language translation
    • Can post tweets/posts on Facebook/Twitter
    • Movie listings
    • Gives weather information
    • Easy navigation to locations
    • Play reminders and set alarms
    • Calling and emailing
    • Play media and give news updates and etc.

    4.2 Disadvantages of developing app like Siri

    Key drawbacks are listed below:

    • Cannot work with an internet connection, as it relies on cloud computing technology
    • While navigating a location/place, you should communicate in English language only. Hence, navigational capacities of Siri are limited to English language
    • Low-quality audio can result in weak response
    • Mandates Wi-Fi connection, when your net connection goes down
    • Ignores silent mode

    #5 Five tips to build AI-powered voice assistants like Siri

    • Select the best technology

    When you have the plan to create your voice assistant app, selecting the best technology is your first initial step. So, make a list of features that you need and search for the advanced platform for your mobile application.

    • Always think like an end-user

    While developing any mobile application, you should think like a mobile user. What kind of app you need, how flexible apps the customer prefers, and what kind of additional features they are looking for and so on. Accordingly, what type of tasks users look over assistants to complete.
    As a mobile app development company or developer, you should keep all these questions in mind to provide seamless services to your users.

    • Choose only best App features

    To stay in competition in this emerging mobile app world, you should design an app with intelligent and unique app features. Develop a rich-featured AI-powered mobile app that performs its functions perfectly.

    • Personalized Apps

    Finally, develop apps that improve personalization and offer satisfaction.

    #6 Conclusion

    Now Artificial intelligence-powered mobile apps becoming a trend and everyone wants to take advantage of it. From the above strategy, now, you got an idea of how to build mobile apps like Siri. But the challenging part is finding out the proper method of how your voice assistant is standing out among other applications.
    If you want to stand out and lead the market with your artificial intelligence-powered app, make it with USM, the top artificial intelligence service and solution provider.

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