How Much Does It Cost to Develop An AI based LMS App?

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An LMS

How Much Does It Cost to Develop An AI based LMS App?

How To Develop An AI-Based Learning Management System?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the education sector is playing a vital role in streamlining the entire education system. Of course, the impact of AI and other modern technologies across various industries is positive. The potential of AI’s automation capabilities in the development of intelligent and innovative Learning Management systems (LMS) is high then we predicted.

Artificial intelligence-powered learning platforms are enabling virtual teaching or learning experiences and taking educational services to new heights. Besides, the demand for LMS software from corporate companies is also high. Organizations have been increasing the use of LMS software for better tracking and managing their admin and employee skill training and onboarding activities.


These two trends are significantly contributing to the popularity of LMS applications. During the COVID season, the demand for AI-based digital learning management platforms has experienced a sharp hike compared to the months before the pandemic.

The market size of AI learning management system is reached $14 billion in 2021. According to the market research reports, the market size of the global learning management system will further span its significance across the education sector and is anticipated to reach approximately $41 billion by 2029. Mobile education apps, e-learning platforms, and other interactive online learning applications are the major drivers for such massive growth.

How AI Is Used In LMS?

 AI can be used to improve the entire functionalities and performance of LMS solutions. Virtual assistants, voice recognition bots, facial recognition-based attendance trackers, intelligent analytics and reporting tools, automated knowledge testing modules, and in many ways AI technology can be used to augments the functionalities of LMS. 

Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence In LMS Development 

Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence In LMS DevelopmentAI-based LMS software development will provide numerous advantages to education service providers. In this session, we have curated a few of the top benefits of AI-powered learning management apps. Here we will learn the benefits of ai in LMS platforms or the benefits of artificial intelligence in LMS platforms or advantages of using AI in LMS or AI based learning management system.

  • AI-powered learning management platforms streamline the entire teaching and learning ways.
  • AI-based learning management applications for Android, iOS or web OS will assist educators or training institutes to deliver improved virtual learning experiences.
  • With the integration of audio and video-enabled open online classes, AI digital learning solutions enhance user personalization.
  • Content access and knowledge sharing will become seamless over secure cloud-enabled LMS platforms.
  • The use of AI in learning management apps development automated admin processes and augments documentation management functionalities
  • AI-based corporate LMS software will help companies to track and better manage their employee training and onboarding functionalities.
  • The use of Artificial intelligence in LMS solutions will monitor the user’s learning patterns and automatically customize the content for improving their abilities.
  • Using AI in LMS software development, users can view the content in their preferred languages and increase their learning experiences.
  • AI-enabled chatbot or virtual tutor module in LMS apps will interpret user voice commands or written text and automates the training process by giving accurate responses in seconds. As self-learning chatbots learn from previous experiences, they can provide instructor-like support to the trainees.

These are a few benefits of AI in LMS apps. AI-driven LMS applications automate and modernizes end-to-end training and learning procedures. Overall, AI-based LMS platforms will make learning ways more interactive and interesting.    

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How To Build An AI-Based Learning Management System?

If you are in plan to develop an advanced Artificial Intelligence powered LMS solution for organizations or training institutions, you must follow a few steps for the development of a robust software application. Being a top AI development company, we have curated our proven experience in the development of LMS software.

Key Steps To Follow For Developing AI-driven LMS Software: 

  • Step-1: Estimate the AI need for Your LMS Project

AI is a must-to integrate technology in e-learning mobile app development. Before commencing the software development process, you must evaluate the need for AI for your project.

Even though the technology is best at automating repetitive functionalities, one must also look into AI development and implementation costs.  Hence, according to the app requirements and business objectives of the end user, step forward to integrate AI features into LMS solutions.

  • Step-2: Gather and Be Ready With Data  

Data is key for training AI algorithms and meeting the app’s goal and vision. Until and unless you feed the AI algorithms with the appropriate datasets, never expect robust performance from the AI solutions.

Whether it is educational LMS software or corporate LMS software solution, data is a must. So, gather the required datasets from respective communities and customize the data as per your project needs. Rather than spending too much time collecting and categorizing the data, this process will save time and makes the development faster.

  • Step-3: Focus On Privacy and Security 

AI-powered LMS solution needs to store enormous user data and manage application content. Further, LMS apps offer content accessibility and sharing over digital platforms. Hence, enhancing the security levels and providing privacy to the user data is a key functionality of LMS software applications.

However, AI algorithms can identify irregular data patterns and prevent data threats seamlessly. Before starting the development process, be organized to ensure high-level encryption of the user data.

  • Step-4: Make a List Of Core Features

It is one of the significant phases of software development. Identifying and listing the features of applications is a core task for app developers.

As per the project requirements and client needs, pick the core features (like user profile, learning materials, knowledge testing, performance reports, notifications, audio/video online learning facility, download content for offline tracking, integrations, etc.) for learning management system development.

  • Step-5: Develop Module & Test Your Solution By Feeding Different Datasets   

Once a custom AI-powered LMS software module is developed, feed your AI solution with different datasets and monitor the outputs. Such thorough testing processes will assist you in measuring the performance and efficacy of your LMS applications.

Further, based on the type of LMS solution, mobile app developers also need to design the UX/UI to better engage users and increasing application quality. 

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  •  Step-6: Hire A Leading AI-based LMS Platform Development Company

Hiring a top custom mobile app development company for developing a flawless and interactive LMS solution is important. Hire USM, the best custom e-learning app development company in the USA and India. We have a team of full-stack app developers and creative designers who build best-in-class LMS platform with the most advanced AI features.

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    How Much Does It Cost To Develop An LMS?

    The cost to develop an e-learning app or LMS software will be approximately $35,000-$70,000. But, the final cost is analyzed based on the factors like app design complexity, features list, app development platform, app type (native, hybrid, or cross-platform), technology stack, and third-party integrations. If you want to know How to build an ai based learning management system or How much does it cost to develop LMS system or How much will it cost to develop a custom lms or any other queries related to cost you can reach us.

    USM Business Systems is the best mobile app development company, and a top-ranked e-learning app development company in the USA and India. We create collaborative digital learning platforms for education and corporate sectors.

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