Top 15 Healthcare Software Development Companies in the USA & India

Healthcare Software Development Companies

Top 15 Healthcare Software Development Companies in the USA & India

These days everyone is more concerned about their health and wellness. Healthcare applications will ease the communication between physicians and patients. The accessibility to nearby hospitals and pharmacies has increased the demand for healthcare apps. Many healthcare organizations are using mobile apps to diagnose, give prescriptions and track patient’s records.

The downloads of healthcare mobile apps since the COVID-19 outbreak have increased by 25%. It is expected that the market value of healthcare software will reach $509.2 billion by 2025. Hence, the industries are adopting advanced communication technologies for developing healthcare applications to serve more people.

There are many mobile application development companies in the market. But there are only a few experts in the industry that can deliver apps with your unique requirements. Here is the list of the top 15 healthcare software Virginia App development companies.

Healthcare Software Development Companies usaTop 15 Healthcare Software App Companies in India/USA

  1. QBurst

It is the leading healthcare apps development service provider in India. They use emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence AI and IoT to create unique health apps, patient-self enablement apps, healthcare CRM, and many others. Apart from the healthcare, they also develop best-in-class education apps like BYJU’s and insurance apps for enterprises.

  1. Xicom

Xicom is one of the top healthcare software apps development companies because of its accomplishments in the health service industry. It has over 15 years of experience creating healthcare solutions for clients all over India and the USA. The company aims to develop effective and collaborative mobile apps for patients and healthcare professionals. From UI/UX design to development and deployment, Xicom provides end-to-end mobile app development services. 

  1. USM Business Systems

USM is one of the best mobile apps development companies in the USA and India. It is providing innovative digital solutions for clients in the USA and India. They develop patient-centric and enterprise-centric healthcare apps that meet the desired needs of the users. They are experts in delivering customized mobile app solutions for android, iOS, and cross platforms.

Being the top healthcare apps development companies in the USA, the company is developing futuristic healthcare apps for patient care, emergency assist, healthcare planning, find hospitals & physicians, post-discharge, and patient education.

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  1. Multiplier Solutions

Multiplier Solutions is another leading healthcare software development company. It provides healthcare solutions and marketing strategies to over 25 leading medical providers in India. With a team of expert developers with deep domain knowledge in building healthcare apps using AI and Blockchain, the company is stood in the list of top ten (10) healthcare apps development services providers in India.

  1. Appinventiv

Appinventiv is a leading mobile app development company based in NY, USA. It provides high-quality android, iOS & web development services. It offers results-driven digital healthcare solutions using the power of emerging and advanced technologies such as AI, blockchain, machine learning, cloud migration, etc.

As of 2020, they have delivered over 30 healthcare projects that are run by the existing regulatory framework. It designs and scales up your healthcare apps from scratch in the most efficient way.

  1. Chetu

The company is an expert in developing tailored healthcare solutions that ensure remote health services, e-pharmacy management, and online medical education. With an aim to improve the quality of patient care, they develop apps in couple with advanced technologies and tools.

Their experience in using the latest technologies to develop android /iOS/Windows apps has made them the best healthcare software apps development company in the USA. They build custom healthcare software for numerous startups and international organizations in India, the USA, UK, and Australia.

  1. Infinite

Infinite Technology is a top-ranked healthcare software apps development company in India. With over 20 years of experience building mobile applications for enterprises, they realized that mobile apps are the success stones for business growth.

It provides healthcare apps for healthcare service providers and patients. Their experienced developers, with hands-on implementation cutting-edge technologies, create best-in-class mobile applications that take your healthcare business to the next level.

  1. Consagous

Consagous is the best IT consulting firm and a top-rated mobile apps developer in India. It has developed seamless mobile apps from consulting to medical insurance services. They are experts in using blockchain and IoT technologies to create next-level healthcare applications for Android and iOS platforms.

  1. RipenApps

The company has immense experience in building high-end healthcare solutions for automating medical care, healthcare record, exercise tutorial, and online consulting services. The company has developed over 500 mobile and web apps for the health industry with 100% customer satisfaction and making it the best healthcare mobile apps development company in India and the USA.

  1. WebClues Infotech

WebClues infotech is one of the best mobile app developers in the USA. It works to achieve a vision to develop world-class mobile applications for the healthcare Industry. With a blend of human intelligence, technology advancements, it builds a revolutionary mobile solution for the healthcare sector.

Since its establishment in 2014, the company has successfully developed and delivered flawless 1,250 flawless mobile apps for clients across the USA, UK, and India.

  1. Appscrip

Appscrip develops potential healthcare solutions that can engage the users, enhances personalization, and achieve their satisfaction. They have pre-built modules for online pharmacy, healthcare digitally, and many others. The dedicated team members put all their efforts into designing the best healthcare solutions using the latest technologies.

  1. Mobulous

It is the leading healthcare software apps development company in India & the USA. They develop healthcare solutions for scheduling online appointments, getting consultations & prescriptions, and downloading diagnostic reports. The experience in the domain makes them capable of thinking about user needs and develops healthcare software apps that bring a vast user base and revenue to the business.

  1. AppSquadz

AppSquadz is a leading mobile app development company in the USA, India, and UAE. It offers best-in-class services for Android apps, iPhone apps, and web apps development. With over 12 years of experience in developing futuristic healthcare apps, the company has got brand value in the industry. It builds apps for work progressing, patient indexes, EHRs management, and stock management.

  1. Peerbits

It is a globally recognized mobile apps development services provider in India and the USA. With years of experience in the field of app development, they delivered healthcare apps for medical providers, patients, pharmacists, hospital administration, and fitness-conscious users. Their profound developers excel in interface design, coding, scaling, and testing of mobile applications.

  1. Belitsoft

It is a perfect healthcare software apps development company for your business. It has vast experience in developing native and cross-platform mobile apps. They have pre-built modules for fitness apps, healthcare insurance, and HRM software which are customizable.

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    Significant Features of Mobile Healthcare Apps

    Users look for easy appointments, remote consultancy, request prescriptions, and access medical records online. If you are planning to develop a healthcare application, you need to know about the must-have features of the application.

    • Easy Registration

    Users are always comfortable with click and go registration process. The process should complete by providing an email address or mobile number with OTP for authentication.

    • Profile Creation and Access

    Users should have the option to create different profiles for family members in one app with access to their medicine orders, appointments, and health records. For doctors, profiles showcase their specialty, experience, address, and contact details.

    • Wearable Devices Integration

    Users these days are adopting health trackers and smartphones to know their health status. These devices gather the vital data of patients like heart rate, blood sugar, and sleep patterns. Healthcare apps integrated with these devices will give more control over patient health.

    • Search Bar

    The healthcare mobile application should have a search bar with auto-completion and suggestions. It eases access to health records, appointments, medicines, and test reports.

    • Booking Appointments

    The popularity of healthcare apps is because of online consultations. Users can book appointments with doctors by checking their profile and availability to consult them with video and audio calls.

    • Payments

    The healthcare software apps should have a smooth and secure payment process for all online medical consulting appointments. They should accept credit cards, debit cards, and online payments.

    • Booking History

    It will help to save details about previous consultations, test reports, bills, and health conditions. Users can also consult the same doctor if they are satisfied with their previous appointments.

    • Engaging UI/UX Design

    The application should have an easy interface where users can see all service details on the home screen. So, they can explore the application with one tap on the option.

    • Notifications and Reminders

    Users can get alerts about the best health tips, and savings offers with this feature. The application reminds us about the appointments, follow-ups deadlines, and medicines refills.

    • Chat Interface

    Patients can easily communicate with doctors to know prescriptions and availability. They can also upload medical records in the form of images or documents for more transparent medical services.

    • Need Help Support

    With this feature, patients can report an issue regarding any service provided by the healthcare application. You can select from the frequently asked or write a query. Users can also check the status of previously raised issue tickets.


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      Development Cost of Healthcare Software Apps

      There is no way to estimate the exact development cost of healthcare applications without complete details of the project. USM, being the best mobile app development company, can predict a rough value of $35,000-$95,000 based on the previous experience.

      The cost to develop a basic healthcare app with minimum features for one platform is around $35,000 to $100,000 with a timeline of 3-5 months.

      A mid-level application with advanced features for one platform costs in the range of $100,000-$150,000 with a production time of 4 to 9 months.

      A featured rich healthcare app with a complex design for two platforms costs more than $150,000 with a timeline of 9 months.

      There are other factors like app design, location, and team size, which will also impact the development cost of the application. USM has proven experience in developing apps for the healthcare industry. Get in touch to discuss your project.


      Here are the top healthcare software apps development companies in the USA and India. Among all, USM Business System is one of the most reliable Android and iOS apps developers in the USA and India.

      If you want to develop the best healthcare apps, you need to partner with the best mobile app development company. We create healthcare applications on android, iOS, and web platforms. Creating user-friendly applications with eye-catching UI are our highlights.

      We are all set to take your healthcare project as a challenge and develop a unique app. If you want to know more about top 10 custom software development companies in USA, you can Get in Touch. 

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