How Much Does IT Cost to Develop YouTube Mobile App?


How Much Does IT Cost to Develop YouTube Mobile App?

YouTube is a popular video streaming and video sharing app in the world. YouTube enables users to stream videos and watch them at any time from anywhere. It has millions of active users in a day.

According to research reports, YouTube has approximately 122 million active users daily, and a majority of traffic is from youngsters.

You don’t believe that the YouTube Music app was installed nearly 5 million times by Android users from Google Play Store. Accordingly, the app is downloaded 1.5 million times by iPhone users from the apple app Store.

YouTube mobile app has occupied 3/4th of space in the entertainment industry.  Over half of the internet users are logging into YouTube and accessing the content across various categories as per their desires.

According to Statista, the app has nearly 1.78 billion users in 2020, an increase of 56.1% over 2019. In 2021, the number of active users of YouTube has increased to approximately 2 billion (up by 4.6% over 2020). The below figure reflects the growth flag of popular video streaming apps like YouTube.


This increasing user base is representing the continuous growth of the YouTube app. So, the development of YouTube-like famous and the best live video streaming app will be a profitable decision for enterprises.

All the above stats are reflecting the growth of video streaming apps development in the years ahead. We have stuffed this resourceful article with all the information related to:

  • Must-have features of YouTube-like trending video streaming mobile app
  • How Much Does it Cost to create an app like YouTube?

Must-Have Features Of On-Demand Video Streaming App Like YouTube

The video content market is giving intensified growth opportunities to video streaming apps like YouTube. Though the live video streaming market has many apps like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney+Hotstar, YouTube remained on the top of the list. It is all because of the user-friendly features, interactive interface, and responsiveness of this trending video streaming app.

Many organizations have been inspired by YouTube’s success and developing its clone apps. If you are looking ahead to developing a YouTube clone app, don’t ignore adding the below-listed features into your novel application.

Here is the set of features to consider while live video streaming applications like YouTube development.

  • Quick Login

One thing that Android mobile app developers or iPhone app development agencies should keep in mind that make the video streaming app’s login procedure faster and hassle-free. Mobile app development companies should design a simple login page for ensuring quick access to the app’s features and functionalities.

If you allow them to access your app features through their social media accounts like Facebook or any other Google Accounts, it will be an added benefit to your online business. This flexibility allows users to log in with their existing credentials, saves time, and enhances the app experience.

  • Search Feature

The search feature is the most important feature that helps users in searching for their desired video content easier and faster. Since YouTube-like apps comprise millions of channels and vast video content, the Search facility enables the user to find and watch videos happily.

So, don’t forget to give this app requirement to the #Mobile App Development Company you hired and make sure that your new Android video streaming mobile app is user-friendly.

  • Library Feature

This feature will play a vital role in maintaining a log of users’ in-app activities. Integration of this feature into your YouTube-like popular video streaming app allows your app users to find their watch lists, downloads, videos they liked, etc.

You can also explore insights into their wish lists or recent watch lists and offer appropriate video content to them. This strategy will improve app personalization and take their experience to the next level.

  • Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Compatible

Adding this functionality to your new YouTube-like video streaming app for iPhone/Android will allow app users to connect to external devices like TV and start broadcasting from any corner of their home. It means that app users can pair mobile devices and TVs using wireless network connections. This advanced feature will add spice to your mobile app.

  • Create Feature

Nowadays, the count of YouTubers is touching the sky limit. People are more interested to create videos, uploading them on YouTube, and becoming celebrities overnight. Yes, it’s a fact and true.

According to Statista, currently, the YouTube app has 51 million YouTube channels and the number is growing since people around the world are creating YouTube channels and uploading hundreds of hours of videos every minute.

So, Create feature is beneficial for YouTubers. It makes your audience create and upload shorts and videos instantly. It also makes app users Go Live and share their views or excitement with viewers.

  • Push Notifications

Push notifications are major sources for increasing app traffic and active users count. This feature helps you notify your paid subscribers or freemium users upon new content was uploaded.

Hence, YouTube-like popular social media platform or live video streaming application must and should have Push Notifications feature to engage users by sending SMS related to the video content that they were interested in.

  • Reviews and Ratings

How do people trust your brand and the services you are offering to users?

A spontaneous answer for this query is Reviews and Ratings given By the App Users.

Yes, reviews and ratings will also be a necessary feature to be added to your YouTube clone app. This feature allows you to take the feedback and performance rating from app users. Reviews and ratings feature allow new users to read reviews and let them make a fast decision whether to download your application or not.

  • Multi-way Authentication Process

Multi-level authentication feature while protecting user accounts, it builds trust among users on your services.

  • Quick Sharing

People are enthusiasts to share their emotions with others. Moreover, Instagram and Facebook-like social media platforms are two of the most used social platforms in terms of huge user traffic.

So, if you give an option to share video content from your new YouTube-like mobile app to such platforms, it’s easy to create brand awareness and reach more audiences faster.

On the other hand, social media sharing improves user experiences by facilitating them to share their interests with their loved ones.

Integration of this feature will upturn follower engagement to your YouTube-like trending video broadcasting app.

  • Dashboard View

This feature helps video streaming service providers to build the best marketing strategies based on insights derived from user search patterns, subscribers count, and app performance indicators in real-time.

  • Microphone or An in-app voice recognition feature

Here is an advanced feature that one has to be included in their YouTube-like the best entertainment app. In-app microphone feature, using the power of voice recognition techniques, well interpret the user voice commands and offer them the most reliable content.

It allows your users to search for video content with their voice by gently tapping on the microphone symbol featured on the interface.

  • Offline Flexibility

It allows your users to watch their favorite videos that they downloaded where there is no or poor internet connection. Thus, the best video streaming applications like YouTube and Netflix are offering this convenient viewing experience to users and creating a brand mark in the industry.

These are a few important features that let your application attract users and taste the success.

How Much Does It Cost To Create An App Like YouTube?

Native video streaming apps development will cost around $25,000-$35,000. This app only works on a single platform (either Android or iPhone operating system).

If you want to target Android and iPhone users, cross-platform development would be the right choice. The development costs of a YouTube-like popular video streaming app that supports both platforms with basic features will range from $35,000- to $50,000+.

Accordingly, a video streaming app development (Android/iPhone) with advanced features will be around $65,000 to $85,000 or go beyond based on the features and functionalities.

However, the cost of YouTube one of the best video streaming apps development will be impacted based on various factors, including:

Features List: The more features you add, the higher the costs of apps will be. The cost of Video content delivery apps with basic features will cost less than apps loaded with complex features.

Platform Type: Developing the price of a video streaming app on Android OS will differ from iPhone app development.

User Interface (UI) Complexity Level: Video streaming apps with a simple interface will improve user experience and increase user retention rates. But, apps with complex UI will reduce the app responsiveness and visual quality. Go with simple UI. Upon its success, integrate your application with creative graphics, animations, or 3D objects for better user engagement.

These are the few cost-impacting factors that organizations and #mobile app development companies (USA) must consider before estimating the development cost of YouTube-like trending video streaming applications.

Are you looking to create an app like YouTube?


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