How Much Does It Cost To Build Most Popular Business Apps?

Cost To Build Most Popular Business Apps

How Much Does It Cost To Build Most Popular Business Apps?

Over half of the global business environment has changed drastically with the power of digital technologies. Intelligent mobile applications are the significant pillars for businesses to improve the profits line in this competitive digital world.

The business apps have become an asset for small and large businesses to run the process smoothly. Many business apps are built in a way to reach the needs of the work environment. They help enterprises build communication with their employees and get things done digitally.

Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic has created more space for business apps. If you plan to develop innovative business applications, this article will help you out. Herein, we have shortlisted a list of the best business apps and their benefits. Besides, we have also given a guide about the development cost of business apps.

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What are Business Apps?

Business apps are used for workflow management and make the process easier and productive. These apps increase connectivity and provide work transparency. They facilitate management to connect with resources even from remote locations. A few other business apps also help businesses manage expenses and track invoices digitally without errors. Further, technology made everything possible. An organization can track the productive hours of employees and their work progress online.

Thanks to advancements in mobile technology. We did extensive research to compile a list of the best business applications that help enterprises in all ways.

Top 9 Best Business Apps in the USA

Here is the list of the most popular and famous business apps in the USA.

  1. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the most popular and most-used mobile app for enterprise communication. It is one of the largest communication tools used by Fortune 500 companies.

It helps organizations communicate with the teams online from anywhere at any time. It is available for Android, iOS, and Windows.

Advantages of the top-rated business application like Microsoft Teams

  • Make video calls, group chats, and calls with one click
  • Invite teams and let them join the meeting with the link.
  • Create individual channels for each project
  • Easy to assign task and track their status through the app
  • East to share files and documents online
  • Dashboard view help users view files, photos, tasks, and other links shared by teammates
  • Subscription passwords keep data safe and encrypted
  • Cloud storage facility allows you explore when you need them with ease
  • The screenshare feature permits teams to share work progress during online meetings.
  • Get alerts about the meetings, new tasks, status and react instantly.
  • Send emojis and animations to express yourself.

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    1. Slack

    Slack is a unique business communication platform that is developed by the American Software Company Slack Technologies. It has many cool features that help people connect and share information over the internet.

    With over 10 million downloads in the Google Play Store, it was ranked as the most-used business apps in the country.

    Benefits Of The Popular Slack Business App

    • A transparent communication platform to discuss projects or work
    • Set reminders for yourself or team members with built-in reminders.
    • Share files or business documents with ease
    • Easy to create channels for every project and add team members
    • Amalgamate work tools like GoogleDocs, Zoom, Google Calendar, Dropbox with Slack
    • Text or call instantly
    • Customize the notifications to stay updated with the assigned work
    • Users can build workflows using easy-to-customize templates available in the app.
    • Slack is available in both desktop and mobile versions.
    1. Trello

    Trello is a beneficial tool for organizing both professional and personal tasks on the go. With 10 million downloads, it is stood on top of the list of best business apps in the USA.

    It helps users handle projects at work and other personal to-do lists in a smart manner. This trending business application meets your business needs.

    Benefits of an on-demand business app like Trello

    • The business app is user-friendly and responsive for desktops, mobiles, and tablets.
    • Users can make notes online during a conversation using Trello’s digital boards
    • Create cards, set project goals, and digitally track project progress
    • Get notifications and stay updated with the project status
    • Drag and drop the to-do list across the board
    • Invite teammates using emails and start business chat about the task progress.
    • Save required information to the cards online, and Trello helps you stay informed and work offline
    1. Expensify

    Expensify is the leading business app in the USAIt is the best tool for managing business expenses without hassle. The user-friendly interface makes it a perfect tool for scanning and reporting all types of transactions. The application is also useful for business trips and reports expenses with ease.

    Here are few advantages of using this popular business app.

    Unique Features of the top business apps like Expensify

    • Track receipts, send invoices, pay bills, and book travel
    • Expensify SmartScan: Screenshot a receipt, and the app reads and stores the expenses details
    • You can import your personal or company credit cards and sync your transactions.
    • Make cashless and zero-contact payments with Expensify Corporate Cards.
    • It is the best business travel app designed with an in-built corporate travel assistant
    • Expensify provides high security to your data
    1. Asana

    Asana is another top business application available for Android, iOS, and Windows versions.

    This cloud-based work management system helps in organizing, tracking, and managing a team’s work online. It has approximately 1 million installs and acquired a 4.5/5 customer rating in the app stores.

    Advantages of the leading business apps like Asana

    • The best business app for group chats and group calls
    • Managers can monitor employee work progress online
    • You can coordinate project plans and tasks to hit deadlines.
    • Superiors can assign tasks and send task-related reference files to teams
    • Get project status updates from teams
    • Customize dashboard for individual work progress
    • Add strategic goals to your project and help team members prioritize the tasks.
    • Easily convert your discussed whiteboards and charts into tasks
    • Get notifications from teams upon task completion.
    • Better synchronization: connect through windows and get things done smoothly
    1. QuickBooks Accounting

    QuickBooks is a popular business application for managing expenses. It is the best alternative to the Expensify business app. It is ideal for invoicing and tracking expenses.

    It is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses. The cool features and functionalities of Quickbooks made it a favorite among other applications. The app is accessible from laptops, tablets, or smartphones anytime from anywhere.

    Advantages of QuickBooks business app:

    • Businesses can view spending, and cash flows
    • Easy to split and track monthly expenses
    • The app displays overdue invoices
    • Easy to manage payments and taxes
    • Secure and automatic data synchronization and backup
    • It can integrate with other finance tools to get the data.
    • Record all your data securely in the cloud-based storage
    • Tracking sales and leads is stress-free with QuickBooks
    • Users can add new customers list and improve conversion rates
    • Calculate and track VAT liability
    1. Toggl Track

    Toggle is the best time tracking application available for Android and iOS. It helps in tracking the working hours of employees and helps them organize their day accordingly. The app has a calendar feature that helps you add events and schedule your work.

    Benefits of a leading business app in the USA like Toggl Track

    • Best for tracking working hours and improving productivity
    • Work offline and update task status without data loss.
    • Alerts on work progress and time you spent on task
    • Get graph reports on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis about the time spending on work
    • Share reports with your teammates and build work strategies.
    • It is available for desktop, mobile, and web browsers.
    • Easy to add new projects and clients
    1. Evernote

    Evernote app is an effective iOS platform for sharing notes captured from online meetings. You can create text, drawings, audio, images and share them across the devices and web.

    Advantages of Evernote

    • Users can create separate notebooks for tasks, bills, and invoices.
    • Instantly capture meeting notes and share them with teammates
    • Customize the to-do-lists with edit option
    • Easy to rename or delete a notebook.
    • Effortlessly scan paper documents, notes, drawings, and task plans
    • Set alerts and reminders for the to-do list
    • Add the notes to shortcuts or stack for easy search and access.
    • App content is easily accessible from Chromebook, mobile, or tablet.
    1. Square Point of Sale

    Businesses can process payments in an encrypted manner from the device remotely with the Square Point Of Sale application. It is a free-to-downloadable application available for Android and iOS users.

    Benefits of powerful business apps like Square Point of Sale

    • Quick payment process
    • Maintain electronic records of every payment made through cards or cash
    • Create and send bills online and get paid for products in seconds
    • Accepts credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, and American Express
    • Easy to track stock availability online
    • Streamline sales processes

    What Features Made Our Business Apps Popular?

    Easy Login: Business apps should facilitate users to simply login into accounts or join the meetings with just simple clicks. Your app should eliminate unnecessary clicks and engage the user. Such apps improve user retention rates and reduce app abandon.

    Customization: The business application should have a customization facility to accomplish various work processes smoothly. This feature helps to make changes in privacy settings, chats, sharing files, and more.

    Detailed Analytics: Integration of analytics features helps users track their work progress and help businesses improve employee productivity.

    Security: Business applications should provide high-level security to confidential business data that is shared over the internet. This feature also builds brand value and grabs user’s trust. 

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    Synchronization: Any business application should have synchronization between the application and third-party sources to share or view the data easily.

    Cloud Data Storage: Business applications are successful because of their storage facilities. Cloud data storage will help users to store documents, photos, videos without using any space on their devices.

    Offline Mode: Business apps hit the app stores if they allow users to view files in offline mode. The applications facilitate users to save and check documents offline.

    Alerts & Notifications: It is a must-have feature of business apps. Notifications and alerts about project meetings and documents sharing help users stay tuned with the task.

    Required Technology Stack For Business Apps Development

    The right technology Stack (a collection of programming languages, frameworks, tools, and database storages) helps to develop a bug-free mobile application. Here is the best tech stack for business app development.


    • Programming Languages: Java, Objective-C
    • Storage: Android Cloud, Google Cloud
    • Database: SQL, PostgreSQL
    • Frameworks: Angular, jQuery
    • Hosting: Amazon Web Servies (AWS)
    • Web Server: Nginx

    USM, the best business apps developer in the USA and India, assists you in launching mobile apps that give you success.

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    How Much Does It Cost To Develop Business Apps?

    The average cost to develop a business application ranges from $10,000 to $60,000. However, the development cost of any mobile application varies based on the features we add to the app.

    Further, the cost to build business apps might also vary depending on the platform you choose, mobile app type, design complexity, dedicated resources, and hourly rate of the mobile app developers in the USA.

    Are you looking for the best Mobile App Development Company for getting your app developed?

    USM is one of the best mobile app development companies in the USA & India. We are specialized in Android apps development, iOS apps development, hybrid apps development.

    Let’s talk to our experts and get a detailed guide on the estimation cost of the business apps.


    The business applications can effectively streamline the work process and increase productivity. Organizations can communicate with the workforce, creatively handle resources, and get things done on the go.

    Being the top mobile app development company in the USA and India, USM creates flawless business apps that meet your enterprise needs. Let us know your pp ideas, and we build brilliant apps on the desired platform you choose for your business.

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