How Much Does It Cost To Develop An On-Demand Salon App Like Glamsquad?

Cost To Develop An On-Demand Salon App Like Glamsquad

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An On-Demand Salon App Like Glamsquad?

Mobile applications are bridges between organizations and end customers. The advancements in mobile technology have made people order food, groceries, accessories, and other home essentials all through their smartphone apps. Unsurprisingly, on-demand beauty salon services are in trend worldwide.

Interesting right? Glamsquad-like creative mobile apps are also allowing people to book beauty services online and schedule appointments to get salon services at the convenience of their homes.

Now, people don’t need to visit a salon and wait in the log cabin for their turn. Glamsquad-like iOS app sends top-rated hair stylists or other beauty care professionals on demand. This popular on-demand beauty app in the USA lets users’ book last-minute beauty care and hair care appointments seamlessly. Let’s take a look at the business model of the most popular on-demand in-home beauty service mobile app in the NYC, USA. 

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What Is Glamsquad App and How Glamsquad Works?

Cost To Make An App Like Glamsquad Glamsquad is one of the top on-demand salon apps in the USA. The app is developed by New York-based Glamsquad, Inc. This online beauty services booking app is particular designed for iPhone users across New York City, Hoboken, Jersey City, Los Angeles, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Washington DC Area, Boston, Long Island/The Hamptons, and other locations in the USA.

This trending and in-home salon app allows users to book for haircut, makeup, and nail services anytime. Upon order confirmation, top beauty care professionals will come to the customer locations and deliver value-added services at affordable prices.

Top Features of Glamsquad like Quick bookings, comfortable home beauty salon services, secure online payments, and wide range of beauty services at reasonable prices are all made this app one of the #top beauty salon apps in the USA. 

Glamsquad In-home Beauty App Benefits and Statistics

  • Being a top-rated on-demand beauty care services app, the Glamsquad app has brought its investments to $24 million.
  • Approximately 35% of growth in downloads every month
  • The Glamsquad app is generating nearly five million dollars per year.
  • Glamsquad (the best on-demand salon app) has got a 4.9/5 star rating from iPhone app users across operating locations in the USA.
  • Glamsquad-like the best beauty apps USA offers high quality, convenient, and hygienic in-home, in-hotel, or in-office beauty services on-demand
  • From hair blowouts and natural & bold makeup to stunning manicures will be done at home convenience.
  • The beauty app has reported huge downloads and stood on top of Glamsquad App Alternatives like Booksy, Urban Company, The Glam App, etc.
  • Glamsquad-like the best online salon services booking app will connect qualified professionals with people and delivers the beauty services.

These are all a few top benefits of On-demand mobile apps like Glamsquad. Since people are more inclining towards booking online makeup services, Glamsquad-like in-home beauty service delivery app development is the best strategy to grab the market attention.

Would you like to build USA’s top beauty salon app like Glamsquad?

Herein, we guide you through the top features and development costs of mobile app development like Glamsquad.

Must-have Features and Functionalities of an On-Demand Beauty Salon App like Glamsquad

  • Simple and Easy Appointment Bookings On-The-Go

Glamsquad, a top US-based on-demand salon application for iOS and the web is attracting more users with its simple and easy beauty service booking facility. Glamsquad-like at-home beauty and salon service delivery apps allow users to book appointments with hair and beauty specialists at the last minute and look perfect at their special events.

  • An Attractive and Eye-Catchy UX/UI Design

The iPhone application design is one of the reasons for its success in the US market. Glamsquad-like a top-ranked on-demand beauty salon application has achieved success in this regard. The app has simple user interfaces that everyone can understand at first look and navigate through the application seamlessly.

  • Hassle-free Online Payments

New York-based on-demand marketplace app like Glamsquad is developed with a secure in-app payment feature. Customers can pay for the services online or through cards or e-wallet modes. It will ensure secure payments and improves the app experiences of iPhone users.

  • In-app Calendar Integration For Blocking Dates

Integration of a calendar feature will help customers easily select the dates and book in-home beauty and hair services. Adding this feature to online haircut services booking apps like Glamsquad will make the booking process faster and more user-friendly.

  • Location Tracking Feature

Generally, on demand mobile apps like Glamsquad and other marketplace/e-commerce apps asks the user permission to track their current location for making the delivery process smooth. With in-built GPS trackers, the Glamsquad-like on-demand mobile application help users pin their address on in-app maps. It will be a beneficial feature that saves the user time in typing their residential or office address.

  • My Orders Feature

Adding this feature in on demand mobile app development like Glamsquad will assist users in viewing their all appointments in one place. The booking history feature will also help users to re-book the beauty services with simple clicks.

  • User Account or User Profile Module

It is one of the core features that must add to the online manicure and beauty service booking app. This feature is majorly used for keeping all the user information that they provided in one place. Here, users will have all rights to edit or manage their info as they like.

  • Deals and Exclusive Discounts On Services

Top marketplace apps in the USA like Glamsquad are offering exclusive discounts on services that it offers. It will grab the user attention and boost sales. But, ensure to place this feature on top of the landing page for increasing visibility and improving conversions. Top custom mobile app development companies will handle this smartly.

  • Reviews and Ratings

This feature let the users give their feedback on services provided by specific beauty professionals or hair stylists. This feature also helps users to rate your app services. Further, the integration of reviews and rating features will also help new users to measure the quality of your brand’s services.

These are a set of user-centric features that you add to the Glamsquad clone app. Beauty salon app development needs are designed and developed in an eye-catching way to grab the attention of users.     

Let’s Talk To USM- A top mobile app development company and know the exact Cost of an App like Glamsquad Beauty Salon.


    On-demand beauty salon apps are the best platform for salons, hair stylists, and Spa experts to list and generate revenues. Like customers, on-demand mobile apps like Glamsquad also requires adding a few features for salons and beauty professional. They Include:

    • Register and Create a Profile
    • Customer Order Management (view, accept, or reject)
    • Manage Service Details (service name, availability status, price & team members)
    • Deals and Offers Management
    • Payments Tracking

    Adding these features in on-demand service delivery apps like Glamsquad will offer smooth customer Salon/ beauty professional interactions.    Your new on-demand beauty service application for iPhone or Android must have all the above-mentioned features for optimizing user experiences and improving the application’s credibility.

    Now, let’s take a look at the programming languages, UI frameworks, and android/iPhone Software Development Kits (SDKs) used for the development of trending beauty marketplace apps like Glamsquad.

    Required Technology Stack For Glamsquad-like On-demand App Development

    Here is the best technology stack for the development of Glamsquad clone apps:

    • For on-demand salon app development for Android: Java and Kotlin
    • For iPhone beauty salon app development: Swift and Objective C
    • Development kit for Android app development: Android SDK
    • Development Kit For iOS app development: iPhone SDK
    • Database: MongoDB, HBase, and Postgres
    • Cloud Storage: Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Storage Platform
    • Payment Gateways or Online Payment Processing Platforms: PayPal and Stripe
    • Communication APIs for SMS: Twilio
    • Real-time Data Analytics: Apache Flink, Hadoop, and BigData


    How Much Does It Cost You To Make An App Like Glamsquad on demand Beauty Application?

    For finalizing the mobile app development cost needs to consider so many factors. App platform (android/iPhone), App type (Native mobile app development, hybrid app development, or cross-platform app development), features (basic, moderate, and advanced AI and analytical features), and technology stack are a few of most impacting factors that decide the beauty salon app development cost.

    Further, the experience, team size, and brand value of your mobile app development partner will also decide the cost to make an on-demand delivery app like Glamsquad.

    Being one of the top custom on-demand delivery app development companies in the USA, based on the above-mentioned factors, we estimate that the cost of an on-demand beauty salon app will be around $20,000-$45,000.

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      Wrapping Up!

      Coming professionals directly to home and delivering services at the best prices is the secret behind the popularity of the Glamsquad-like salon app. The benefits of on-demand service delivery apps are infinite. Starting from convenient and comfortable services to high-quality services and reasonable prices, Glamsquad-like on-demand in-home beauty services delivery apps are offering the best skincare, manicure, pedicure, spa, and hair styling services.

      We are a leading #mobile application development company in the USA who have vast experience in the design and development of cost-effective software applications. Being a top mobile #software development company in the USA, we maintain transparent communication with our clients across the end-to-end mobile app development process. Our expert Android and iOS app developers build interactive on-demand mobile applications that meet your expectations.

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