How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Food Delivery App Like EatClub?

Cost To Develop A Food Delivery App Like EatClub

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Food Delivery App Like EatClub?

Getting our favourite and delicious food items within minutes at doorsteps is a revolutionary through. The history and emergence of the online food delivery system in India has been started approximately 125 years ago, in Mumbai. Since then the on-demand food delivery industry in India has evolved with the introduction of hundreds of food delivery applications for Android and iOS.

Android and iPhone users or web users can conveniently open the applications, search for their favorite nearby restaurants, order a variety of food and get attractive discounts from the brands. So, online food delivery apps are not only best for ordering food items, but also offer unlimited savings and hassle-free door delivery options.

It is one of the primary reasons for the enormous growth of the food delivery sector in India, the USA, and other marketplaces. Using a network of riders and advanced location tracking technologies, the food delivery apps (Android/iOS/Web) are facilitating faster and cost-effective delivery models.

Are you a food delivery service company struggling to beat the competition in Mumbai like highly dense areas?

Then, it’s time to build the most popular and most downloaded food delivery app like EatClub.

In this article, we will give you brief information on how much it costs to make a food delivery app like EatClub or UberEats or best food delivery service app. But, before going to our main session about the food delivery app cost, we will take a look at a brief on the EatClub app.     

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    What Is All About EatClub? 

    PHPL’s EatClub is one of the top online food delivery apps for Android and iOS/iPhone. It is India’s largest on-demand food delivery platform that serves customers in metro locations like Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, and Hyderabad.

    Comprising a network of India’s leading restaurant brands, such as BOX8, Mojo Pizza, Globo Ice Creams, Itminaan Biryani, Mealful Rolls, NH1 Bowls, LeanCrust Pizza, etc., EatClub offers a range of food products, starting from Pizzas and meals to Flavorful gravy and deserts.

    This is why it has occupied space in the list of best online food delivery apps in India. Currently, the best online food delivery app has grabbed the attention of over 1,000,000 customers.

    Food Delivery App Like EatClub

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    Features and Functionalities That Made EatClub The Best Food Delivery App In India

    EatClub is a top online food delivery app in India. Its simple and user-friendly features are the first reason for its big success in the Indian online food livery market. Of course, easy to use features and reliable services are also the biggest reasons to touch the million downloads benchmark.

    If you are looking to hire top mobile app development companies in India or USA for creating EatClub or UberEats or Zomato like trending food delivery apps, you must add all the below listed features to generate more downloads faster and improve user experiences. EatClub clone app development with integrating the below features is really a great idea to touch the success step.

    Let’s take a look at the best features of food delivery app like EatClub.

    • Simple App Design

    It is the first thing that mobile app development companies remember while designing the application’s User Interface (UI). A simple app design will ensure quick access to the application features and functionalities.

    Since the food delivery apps comprise vast content about food items, brands list, deals and discounts content, customer reviews and ratings, payment information, and so on, every category has to be represented in a crystal clear way for ensuring quick access to features.

    • Simple Login Form

    Here is another success factor that organizations should remember while developing food delivery apps. EatClub like leading online delivery applications is allowing users to access the app through a simple registration and login forms. This popular Android food delivery app is also offering app access through existing social media details. It will save the users’ time at the same time reduce app bounce rates.

    • Customized Search Bar

    Adding a search feature will make your application more convenient and user-friendly. Integration of a custom search bar allows users to find nearby restaurants, trusted brands, or favorite food items without any hassle. Never forget to add this feature to EatClub Clone App Development as it makes users’ search faster and improves app experiences.

    • Cart Feature

    This feature will help your users to add items to their cart and process their online purchases with ease. Users can view their cart list and what items they have added along with price details in just a single interface.

    • Offer Minutes Delivery

    EatClub, the best food delivery app in India, offers reliable and hygienic food delivery within 25 minutes. It is also offering a restaurant takeaway facility. It’s a great mode of online service while meeting user needs.

    • Safe Online Payments

    The trend of online or UPI payments in India is touching new heights. Starting from vegetable purchases to supermarket bill payments, people are preferring card, UPI, or e-wallet payments. EatClub also offers multi-mode payment options for user convenience.

    • Location Tracking Features

    Location tracking and map navigation tools are very much essential features to add in Android or iOS food delivery app development. This feature helps users to track their food arrival and also assists riders in navigating through food delivery destination points with ease.

    • User Profile

    This feature allows users to view their order history, payment details, and offers & deals, etc.

    • Delivery Scheduling Feature

    Yes. It is one of the crazy features of EatClub like the trending on-demand food delivery app in India. Users can place an order and schedule its delivery in a week. So, it will be a beneficial feature for those who want to pre-plan their food orders for any special events.

    Or Else, EatClub also allows users to choose their flexible time of delivery as per their convenience. Such features will add value to your new food delivery app and enrich customer experiences.

    • Push Notifications

    The push notifications feature will help brands or service providers to send updates on deals, discounts, offers, or online service-related information to the users. It will improve app personalization and make your customers aware of what is happening with their orders or services.

    These are must-have features that you must add to your new food delivery app. Like these, mobile app developers in India and USA also need to add a few features for restaurant or vendor aspects. Here are must-have features of iPhone food delivery apps for restaurant panel development:

    • Vendor or Restaurant listing
    • Account Management
    • Uploading or deleting food items
    • Deals and Discounts upload
    • Order accept or reject facility
    • Rider availability checking
    • Order history and Payment history

    USM Business Systems, the best custom mobile app development company in India and USA, is offering best-in-class Artificial Intelligence services, IoT Services, Machine Learning, Chatbot app development, Android app development and iPhone app development services for food delivery service companies.

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      How Can You Make Money From EatClub-like On-demand Food Delivery Apps? 

      The revenue-generating models of online food delivery apps, online shopping apps, and e-commerce apps are all similar. If you have plans to build a native or cross-platform food delivery application on desired platforms, knowing this will be helpful to create extra money from your applications.

      Well. Here are the top three ways to create additional revenues from your new food delivery apps.

      1. Take Commissions From Vendors 

      It is one of the best revenue models for food delivery apps. Since food delivery apps are the central points for restaurants to serve their food to the users, app developers can charge commissions from food service companies or restaurants on every order.

      1. Take Delivery Charges From Customers

      Online food delivery apps will take extra fees as delivery charges from customers. A few food delivery apps apply fixed delivery charges on orders, but a few delivery companies will take delivery charges based on the distance from the restaurant they have ordered food and destination locations.

      1. Charges From Restaurants For Featuring Their Brand/Products 

      Online food delivery service apps can take the extra amount from restaurants if they would like to feature on the home page. However, getting featured on the home page or just below the search bar will help restaurants to get more orders and increase their sales.

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      How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Food Delivery App EatClub?

      The development cost of the EatClub clone app with basic features on a single platform (Android or iPhone) will cost around $28,000-$40,000. However, based on app features, UI/UX complexity, tools & technologies used, the cost of food app development will vary.

      USM Business Systems is one of the best mobile app development companies in India and the USA. With a group of seasoned full-stack software developers, we can build futuristic and state-of-the-art applications for various industries. We are experts in building unique Android food apps and iOS food apps with user-friendly features and creating brand value for your business.

      Let us know your project idea and we build the best food app at an affordable budget.

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