Cost of Real Estate App Development Like Zillow or Trulia

cost of Zillow like real estate mobile app development

Cost of Real Estate App Development Like Zillow or Trulia

How Much Does It Cost for Zillow-Like Real Estate App Development?

Real Estate App Development: Cost, Features, & Technology Stack

The real estate industry is one of the rapidly emerging sectors which is witnessed huge technological advancements in the past decade. Unlike before, people who are looking to buy or sell a property do not need a real estate agent or broker at all. Smart and innovative real estate apps for Android, iPhone, or the Web will do this job seamlessly.

Starting from searching for a property, virtual 3D home tours, customized search facilities, and personalized recommendations are all making real estate mobile apps more user-friendly. Hence, the traditional real estate business has transformed drastically since the entry of Android app and iOS apps for real estate.

This article gives you brief information about the features and development costs of Zillow-like one of the top real estate apps in USA or property search apps. You can get information related to what features have added value to the Zillow app and made it a buzz in America’s online real estate industry.

What Does Zillow App Offer?

Real Estate App Development cost

Zillow, Inc is a Washington, United States-based top Real Estate Company which is providing reliable real estate services since 2006. It has entered into the online real estate business in 2010 through Zillow App (Android and iOS). With the concepts of Buy a home, Rent a home, and Sell a home, the app is allowing users to find properties or homes across California, Texas, Illinois, Atlanta, Florida, Philadelphia, Virginia, Washington, and many more states in the country.

Millions of apartments, commercial buildings, and residential independent spaces were listed by direct property owners and real estate agents. Based on the preferences of location and amenities, Zillow-like a famous real estate app in the USA assists users in finding the right space at attractive rates.

Both Android and iOS versions are available for free to download from the Google Play and Apple Stores. It has reported 10,000,000+ downloads only from the Android app store and over 7 million downloads from the Apple app store. It has got 4.8 out of 5-star rating from iPhone users and a 4.7 out of 5-star rating from Android users.

Must-Have Features Of Zillow-like Top Real Estate App In The USA 

Here are a few best features of a real estate app that you must add while Zillow-like the biggest real estate app in the USA.

Top features in Real Estate App like Zillow:

  • Login page for Real estate agents and customers
  • User (agents and customers) Profile
  • Custom search bar
  • Customized filters to find the best destination to buy or rent
  • Simple to view and easy to understand Buy, Rent, and Sell modules
  • Updates on new listings and personalized recommendations
  • GPS tracking for Location-based searching
  • Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality features: 3D virtual home tours and satellite views of homes and nearby places
  • In-person location visit option
  • Push notifications
  • Direct communication facility with property owners or real estate brokers
  • Easy Property listing facility
  • Upload Property with photos and neighborhood details
  • In-app map integrations for easy navigation to the location
  • In-app EMI or cost calculator
  • Currency converter facility for smooth online transactions
  • In-app Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered chatbot facility
  • In-app calling features for increased conversion rate.

These are a few unique and advanced AI features to add to your real estate mobile application to give it a big hit in the competitive landscape of the real estate industry.

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    Which Technology Stack Makes Zillow Clone App More Powerful? 

    The right set of features and functionalities will make real estate apps more user-friendly. On the other side, the technology stack makes the mobile app development process more agile. The right set of programming languages, User Interface frameworks, and Integrations, storage platforms are all essential assets for top app developers to build bugs-free and robust apps.

    The real estate application development cost needs:

    • Google Maps Location Tracking APIs
    • Firebase SDKs for Android, iPhone, and Web application development
    • Amazon cloud computing platforms and APIs for smooth data accessing and storage
    • Java and Kotlin for native Android app development
    • Objective C and Swift for native iOS app development
    • React Native, Flutter, and Xamarin for cross-platform app development
    • Mongo database
    • Zillow APIs for displaying the dynamic content from the Zillow app
    • Facebook SDKs for interpreting user behavior patterns and optimizing marketing campaigns. Facebook SDKs will also be useful for allowing users to login through their social accounts and for quick sharing of the app’s content.

    Is The Development Of Zillow-like Trending Real Estate Application Profitable?

    The market report says that 90% of people who have plans to buy homes are downloading real estate apps and finding homes that match their preferences. Over 80% of people are using Zillow and Trulia like real estate apps to find the best homes in the USA for rental or buying purposes. Further, 70% of the USA’s population is showing interest in listing their property on top online property selling apps like Zillow.

    These are just a few significant trends in the real estate industry in the USA market. The growth opportunities for mobile real estate apps are high.

    Based on the monthly website visitors and app downloads, Zillow stood in first place in successfully doing online real estate business in the United States. Trulia is the second most popular real estate app and a tough competitor to the Zillow app.

    Here is the list of the top online real estate businesses in the USA that are reducing the burden of buyers and renters in finding homes at their budget in desired locations.

    top online real estate businesses

    The above picture represents the top 10 real estate apps in the USA that are reporting millions of traffic through mobile and web apps. Hence, the future of real estate app development in the USA is expected to create value for app owners and real estate companies.

    So, undoubtedly, Zillow clone app development for Android and iOS is a profitable decision to grab the current and future market opportunities in the real estate industry. Now, it’s the right time to create clone apps and beat the competition with futuristic real estate apps.

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    The Cost Of Zillow-Like USA’s Top Real Estate App

     The cost of Zillow-like real-estate mobile app development will be expected to range from $40,000 to $80,000. But, the development cost of a real estate app for Android or iOS will depend on many factors such as UI/UX design complexity, features, technology stack, and the location & team size of the mobile app development company which you hire. By adding AI to real estate app development, the final cost to build a real estate app like Zillow will reach $100,000.

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    With a team of seasoned custom real estate mobile app developers USA, we create interactive Android and iOS apps using the most advanced technologies like AI and ML. We help you in building top-notch home rental apps that create a buzz for your brand in your niche. 

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    Wrapping Up! 

    Popular real estate apps like Zillow offer friendly services to users and also a range of online business growth opportunities for real estate agents in terms of hassle-free property sales. With great convenience and ease in accessing millions of homes and apartments Zillow mobile app is ruling the online real estate business in the USA.

    It’s your turn to develop the best alternative to Zillow and make your real estate business more engaging in your local market. We are your best app development partner for building real estate apps like Realtor, Trulia, or Zillow.

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