IT Staff Augmentation & IT Consulting Services-Which One is Better?


IT Staff Augmentation & IT Consulting Services-Which One is Better?

Businesses these days are searching for alternatives to conventional staffing ways to save on cost and time. In this aspect, staff augmentation and IT consulting are two methods that provide viability to step up your resource hiring process. Firstly, companies should check the suitability of these options to choose the preferred solutions. So, let us see more details about these IT staffing solutions.

What is Staff Augmentation?

IT staff augmentation is all about hiring project-based or permanent staff to reach specific project goals. It is the best outsourcing strategy adopted by many software industries. In this model, organizations need to check the current staff capabilities and evaluate skill gaps to fill them with the right talents.

Businesses are employing temporary resources on a contractual basis to improve the productivity rate. They are considered as short-term assets with goals to reach that are different from the standard recruiting members. You can find many best IT staff augmentation service providers in the market. It is because of the huge demand from software development companies to beat their competitors.

Workforce Management ServicesPros & Cons of IT Staff Augmentation

The software development company must evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of using an IT staff augmentation for staffing the project. It shows the probability of success using the workforce management solution in your company. Here we are listing the benefits of it staff augmentation.

Advantages of IT Staff Augmentation Services and Solutions:

  • Less Investment

Staff augmentation is a low-budget IT staffing solution as you are liable to pay staff temporarily until the job is complete. By hiring experienced technical resources, the company can save both time and cost on technical training. So, this is the most cost-effective staffing solution prioritized by software development companies.

  • Staff Control

The IT staff augmentation is the ideal way to handle the requirement of specialized staff resources for different domain projects.

  • Expand Services

With the present-day emerging technologies, software companies should be flexible to reach more customers. They can expand their services by outsourcing expert staff that complements the standard resources. So, they can accept any new project with assurance from their clients.

  • Better Control and Quick Project Delivery

The staff augmentation gives complete authority on the project and on-board staff that help to accomplish the project within deadlines. You can oversee the assigned tasks to developers.

  • Risk Level is Low

There is no risk of data security as you only hire few members to fulfill the required skills in completing the project. Managers can check their daily progress, which is not possible with IT consulting services.

Though it has many benefits, there are few drawbacks to deal with while using this solution. So, here are the disadvantages of using the IT staff augmentation technique in your software development company or staff augmentation firms.

Drawbacks of IT Staff Augmentation Solutions

  • High Hardware Cost

As the company needs to provide complete infrastructure and equipment like desktops, software tools will increase the expenses.

  • High Hourly Rates

If you have a contract of expert staff charge on an hourly basis, then the staff augmentation cost higher than the other staffing solutions. So, consider all possibilities before opting for this IT staffing solution.

  • Work Process

Even though they are technical professionals, they should know about the internal workflow process, tools, and ethics that make them more productive. Moreover, training professionals is always a tedious task for the management.

  • Team Integration

The time required for the team integration of new staff with the in-house team will affect the project speed and efficiency. So, it is the responsibility of managers to clear the lines as soon as possible.

When Should A Business Choose Staff Augmentation Services?

To explain this clearly, we have contemplated two situations where IT staff augmentation can be helpful.

  • Software development firms handle situations of less staff or approaching project delivery deadlines with IT staff augmentation.
  • If the company faces problems of continuous attrition while working on high-end projects, then IT staff augmentation is a decent choice.

USM, the leading IT staff augmentation services provider, offers a range of workforce management services, including contingent workforce services, permanent and temporary staffing services, and Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services.

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    Now, let us see about another staffing solution available for your businesses.

    What are IT Consulting Services?

    These can be referred to as managed IT services, where you can hire a software development agency to complete the project. They take care of everything from staffing developers to deploying the software. The businesses can only monitor projects and give feedback on the work progress while focusing on other aspects. The experience of consulting services in various industries provides effective strategies to develop the project.

    Contingent Workforce Management

    Benefits and Drawbacks of IT Consulting Services

    As a coin has two sides, trending IT consulting services have both pros and cons.

    Benefits of IT Consulting Services

    • Cost-Effective

    As you are assigning the complete project to the consulting services, there is no need for any office space or hardware devices.

    • Time-Saving

    The business will not have the resources to complete the non-core projects, and staffing for these processes is time-consuming. So they can hire an IT consulting service that has adequate resources to output the project on deadline.

    • Efficient Management

    The IT consulting service will handle all aspects of your project, including infrastructure, work streamline, and delivery processes.

    • High-level Security

    A small breach in the data while developing software causes many security issues of the project. But with a recognized IT consulting service, you can minimize this risk and gain the client’s trust.

    • Emerging Technologies

    The best experienced IT consulting services provider will know all the latest technologies and trends in various IT domains. They can suggest innovative ideas that are beneficial for clients and businesses.

    It is advisable to assign a team with deep knowledge about the project to check the progress of the IT consulting service.

    Cons of IT Consulting Services

    • Response time

    The project-based consulting service providers sign many projects from different firms. Sometimes they become busy with other clients, projects, and tasks and may not respond to you on short notice.

    • Technology Upgrades Investment

    The IT consulting services drag the interest of the software development companies in the latest technologies. They often ask to invest in developing these technologies, which will make the project expensive.

    • Abrupt Expenses

    Businesses should be capable of handling sudden changes in the hourly rates of app developers. You should be careful and have a clause about charges in the contract papers.

    When to Employ IT Consulting Service?

    In the current digital world, software development firms need to provide all core and non-core services. So, partnering with the top IT consulting services providers will help your business stand in the competition.

    We cannot figure out certain rules or scenarios to employ IT consulting services. But it is always advisable to evaluate the strengths of existing resources before collaborating with the best IT consulting service providers.


    The choice of staff augmentation and IT consulting services depends on the nature and budget of the project. These both have significant qualities that help you to pick the relevant IT staffing solution for your business.

    USM is the best IT staffing service provider in the USA and India,. We have vast experience in providing full-time and part-time staffing, recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), and contingent workforce services for software development companies.

    Let us know your staffing needs and speed up the work process of your current software development project. Let’s talk!

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