Which Is Better: Staff Augmentation, Project Outsourcing, Or Having An In-house Team

Staff Augmentation vs Project Outsourcing

Which Is Better: Staff Augmentation vs Project Outsourcing vs Having An In-house Team

Organizations have to be very thoughtful before they took a business decision for reaping the full potential of the strategy they made. However, it is a big challenge for organizations when they are offered to choose one among IT staff augmentation, outsourcing projects, and hiring a dedicated permanent in-house team for accomplishing their IT projects.

In this article, we will give you a detailed guide on the advantages and drawbacks that hide behind each of these services. Further, you can also get a deep knowledge on which would help you achieve your IT project needs faster and saves you big amounts.

Let’s begin our session with what is Staff augmentation

What Is IT Staff Augmentation?

IT staff augmentation is a process of increasing the team numbers with the required skill set as the project needs. Since the process mostly involves hiring resources on a contractual basis, organizations can hire software developers effectively.

Organizations can hire additional IT resources with the required set of skills on a contract basis for software development projects. Companies need not give full employee benefits to contractual and project-based resources. The resources will be terminated once the project has been accomplished.

This strategy is a cost-effective way for IT companies and companies can also benefit from faster time-to-market if they hire seasoned software developers.

Hence, costs saving, access to expert developers, reduced development time, faster deployment, improves work efficiency, and low risk level are all a few top benefits of IT staff augmentation.

When IT Staff Augmentation Approach Works?

Undoubtedly, IT staff augmentation would be the best approach to enlarge IT teams with the required skills and experiences. This approach will assist the organization in hiring experienced or mid-level IT staff for a short period or retaining them until the project completes.

This strategy of augmenting teams with additional employees will reduce the burden of spending more time hiring permanent IT employees and also paying them lacs of CTC. But, if you go with an IT staff augmentation strategy, here are the three factors that you must know:

  • Project Budget

Depending on your project requirements and your team size, hire professionals or add additional developers with the required experience in handling certain tasks. It will erase the need of hiring a permanent in-house team or keeping your entire project in IT outsourcing companies.

  • Development Time 

If you need to deliver your project faster, then augmenting your development team with the right staff at the right time is the best decision. Expert software developers with proven hands in the development of digital solutions can accomplish the project on time and save your budget.

  • Design or Development Density

Training your team as per project design and development needs is a little bit of time consuming process. Instead of this, if your projects need the support of highly-experienced developers and creative designers, then go for the IT staff augmentation approach. 

Now, let’s take a look at what is IT outsourcing and the pros and cons of this strategy.   

What Is Project Outsourcing? 

IT project outsourcing means a company hires a software app development company and handles the design and development tasks of its IT projects. This is also one of the best ways to develop mobile apps or web apps at a profitable price.

If your company has lack of required app development infrastructure or required a team with specialized IT skills or experience, then hire a third-party custom app development company that has all of these. Your IT project outsourcing service provider with full-stack developers and the best infrastructure can develop high-quality projects on-time.

Hence, outsourcing IT project will increase operational efficiency, saves you time and money, reduce development risks, and deploys highly scalable projects as your client needs.

How Can You Benefit With Hiring IT Project Outsourcing Companies?

  • Stress-Free

Instead of training employees, hiring skilled mobile app developers, or dealing with every phase of software development, organizations can relax if they outsource their IT projects to software development companies. They can focus more on other projects or other activities and boost business performance.

  • Quality Of Service

Mobile app development companies or software app developers with an immersive experience in the design and development of digital solutions will surely deliver flawless software applications. Hence, hiring an experienced mobile app development service provider is beneficial to get a quality product without any doubt.

  • Continuous Support

Mobile application development companies that promised to handle your IT projects will ensure transparency across every phase of mobile application development and provide you with 24/7 client support services.

  • Low-Risk Level

If you handle your application to top app developers that provide end-to-end app development services, starting from ideation and design to development, testing, deployment, and maintenance & support services, you can benefit a lot.

Hence, outsourcing companies that offer post-launch services are the best to hire as they handle maintenance responsibilities, track application performance, and fix the app that keeps crashing.

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Let’s move on to our last session- the benefits of a permanent/In-house software development team.

Pros Of Having An In-House Mobile App Development Team

It is completely a permanent and an alternative way for both Outsourcing and IT Staff Augmentation approaches. On one side of the coin, having a dedicated in-house team of app designers, developers, QA professionals, testers, debuggers, and maintenance team is beneficial.

Organization can assign a project to their in-house team as soon as they signed on bid. IT companies can also have full control on their project development phase.

But, on the other side of the coin, what will be the situation if you have not signed on any app development contract for a long? Companies must and should pay their developers irrespective of their project pipeline.

Whether they onboard on project development or not, you can pay your employees by the end of the month and give all benefits such as leave benefits or insurance benefits.


Final Words

Depending on your project objectives, vision, and your IT infrastructure, select the best strategy among IT staff augmentation, outsourcing, and allocating projects to an in-house mobile app development team. As discussed, every approach has its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

If you do not want to hire permanent resources, then go for a contractual or temporary hiring process.

If you do not wish to invest dollars in hiring and training a dedicated team, then outsource your IT project to leading software development agencies and be relaxed.

One thing must remember is that either you outsource your project, enlarge your team, or train your in-house team, make a solid decision that fits your project needs.

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