How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Real Estate Crowdfunding App Like Fundrise?

Cost To Develop A Real Estate Crowdfunding App Like Fundrise

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Real Estate Crowdfunding App Like Fundrise?

Real estate is one of the most emerging sectors which is contributing the highest share of the global economy. Residential, commercial, industrial, and open plots real estate segments have been witnessing tremendous growth across the global markets.

Unlike traditional investing, nowadays, people are crazy about investing in real estate properties, acquiring equity shares, and enjoying returns conveniently through apps. Real estate crowdfunding apps are in high demand and witness a million downloads every year. Real estate investment apps are also helping investors in choosing the right properties.

Driven by the flexibility in selecting properties and secure investment facilities, the users of real estate investment applications are increasing, and the transaction value to going beyond expectations.

According to the market research reports, the global real estate crowdfunding market size was USD 120.7 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach USD 850.3 billion by the next five years.

Hence, developing a property investment app like Fundrise is a good approach to grabbing market attention. Businesses can better engage and grab the attention of recognized and non-accredited investors through Fundrise clone app development.

Are you looking to develop a real-estate crowdfunding mobile app like Fundrise?

This article would help you in all ways. Herein, you can get information related to the features and functionalities that you must add to Fundrise clone app development. You can also get information related to the cost of creating a real estate crowdfunding app.

Let’s get started!

How Much Does It Cost To Build Fundrise Clone App

What Is A Crowdfunding Platform?

Crowdfunding is a revolutionary approach for businesses to raise funds for their business or any further development operations. It will be helpful for businesses to increase the visibility of their business proposal and grab the invest attention with ease.

What Is Real Estate Crowdfunding App and How Does It Work?

Real Estate Crowdfunding apps are applications that allow investors to invest in a wide range of properties. So, investors can buy a portion of properties and get profits based on their equity share. This digital funding process offers a modern way of raising funds for large-scale real estate projects.

The real estate crowdfunding boom has been strongly rooted in the USA, UK, and European countries. Businesses across these nations are widely downloading crowdfunding apps, listing their properties, and raising funds without any hassle.

What Is Fundrise Mobile App?

Fundrise is one of the best real estate crowdfunding apps in the USA. It is founded in 2012 and headquartered in Washington, DC. Fundrise app is recognized as the fastest-growing private company in America. This Washington’s leading real estate investment application has also received the top Forbes Fintech 50 award recently.

Fundrise-like USA’s leading real estate investment app gives users flexibility in choosing assets and creating a strong investment portfolio. Users can put a series of investments in a single asset and get the majority of equity shares.

The app sends updates on their investment options through the newsfeed. Hence, investors can build a portfolio and keep monitoring their funding benefits.

The entire investment process is very transparent and secure with top real estate crowdfunding mobile apps in the USA like Fundrise.

As of today, this leading real estate investment platform in the USA has 371,000+ individual investors and holds $1 billion of equity on their behalf of them. As of Fundrise, the net dividends earned by investors are approximately $226+ million as of September 2022.

Fundrise app has also been recognized as the top Forbes Fintech 50 and Washington’s leading real estate investment application.

Further, Fundrise is the most visited real estate crowdfunding site in the USA and reports nearly 556K visitors per month.

Would you like to build a Fundrise-like crowdfunding platform?

Here is the list of features and functionalities you should never miss to integrate into your new crowdfunding platform. These features are the core reasons behind the success of Fundrise-like the top trending real estate crowdfunding app in the USA.

Must-Add Features In A Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform Like Fundrise

Whether you release a minimum viable product or directly launch full-fledged applications, the features that you add and the functionalities that your application delivers decide its success.

Since many crowdfunding apps are offering seamless investment experiences to individual investors, features will matter in making your application unique.

Must-have Features Of Real Estate Crowdfunding Apps 

  • Hassle-free sign-up and login process
  • User credential verifications through OTP
  • Account details authentication
  • Search Facility to find the properties and other investment details
  • Filters, such as location, property type, size, etc., to select a property to invest
  • Flexible investment options as minimum as you can pay
  • Investor newsfeed for notifying the development works or any other progress in investor’s assets
  • The two-factor authentication process for ensuring high-level security for the investor’s confidential financial information
  • Providing In-app chatbot assistance or direct communication with financial professionals would help your audience get quick-responsive support.
  • The dashboard facility enables users to view their investment portfolio.
  • Development project listings along with details, maximum investment limit, and available equity share
  • Investor profile page where they can link bank accounts and set investment goals
  • A real estate crowdfunding platform with in-app investment and returns calculator improves user personalization and app experiences.
  • A top real estate investment platform similar to Fundrise has designed with a money withdrawal facility. It enhances the app’s reliability and grabs the attention of loyal investors.
  • Simple app design
  • Push notifications and updates on the investment portfolio and financial reports
  • Reviews and ratings

These are a few basic features of Fundrise-like a popular real estate crowdfunding platform development.

How To Begin The Development Of A Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform like Fundrise?

Fundrise is a Washington-based real estate crowdfunding platform that is gaining popularity in the online real estate industry. The development model and approach should be very clear before starting the development of the Fundrise clone app. Here are the steps that you must follow while creating a similar app like Fundrise.

Cost To Develop A Real Estate Crowdfunding App Like Fundrise

  1. Market Research

It is one of the crucial phases where you can find the pros and cons of developing an app like Fundrise. The research will help you gather the features list, set a scope, and measure the success rate of your new real estate crowdfunding application (Android/iOS).

Our team of analyst developers will focus on crowdfunding market trends and add investor-friendly features to your applications.

  1. Requirement Analysis

The next step is requirement analysis. It will help you shortlist the set of primary and user-friendly features. Based on your app requirements and vision, our experienced #custom mobile app developers in USA will analyze and evaluate the best features that increase the value of your new investment app.

  1. Eye-Catchy and Simple Design  

The user interface of popular real estate crowdfunding platforms like Fundrise is one of the reasons behind its popularity. A simple interface will allow users to easily navigate to the pages that they wish.

USM’s best mobile app designers will create simple and easy-to-understand UX/UI designs and turn you app’s design more engaging and user-friendly.

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    1. Develop and Deploy An MVP

    The development of a minimum viable product with core features is a good approach to knowing the user experiences. It will also reduce the overall cost of real estate crowdfunding app development.

    USM is the Number #1 MVP app development company in the USA. Our team of top app developers and creative graphic designers will design and develop a flawless native mobile app within scheduled timelines.

    1. Update Features As Per User Needs

    Based on the user feedback and issues they are facing while accessing your MVP application, you can modify the application and deliver an app with a complete set of features.

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      1. Aware Of Crowdfunding Policies

      Knowing the government rules and regulations that apply to the Real estate crowdfunding industry is a key point for avoiding hefty fines.

      Now let’s jump into how much it costs to develop a real estate investment app like Fundrise with the above-listed features.

      How Much Does It Cost To Build Fundrise Clone App?

      Fundrise-like real estate crowdfunding platform development cost will be around $100,000 to $150,000. However, the cost of crowdfunding mobile apps for real estate will depend on the business model, development approach, features list, app development type, platform, and size and location of native mobile app developers USA.

      Moreover, the hourly rate of #Mobile App Development Company USA will also impact the cost of crowdfunding app development. Because the cost of app development per hour will vary based on the geographic locations of mobile app developers.

      For instance, the cost to hire mobile app development companies in the USA is high when compared to the cost of hiring Android or iPhone app developers in the UAE or UK.

      Let us know your app’s idea and get a free app quote right now!

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